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Quick fix - changing location of save games etc (moving out of 'My Games'


Dec 3, 2008

I've got the new We the People mod installed but am finding the graphics are a bit jittery or lag. I've had a similar problem before and think it was to do with where the save games and .ini, etc. files end up. At the moment they go into "C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Civilization IV Colonization" and I think because the My Games folder is on OneDrive its mucking things up. Can anyone help about how to get all these files back into the C drive where colonization is installed ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Civilization IV Colonization") and have them stay there.

There are a lot of shortcuts in the steamapps folder to the 'My Games' folder.
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