Random ideas about unit stacking


Nov 1, 2019
I am not sure what improvements will be made to the 1UPT system, if any. I did have this random idea when playing a game last night. I think that stacking to some degree is a necessity to allow the game to play easier, but there might be ways to make it more interesting and interwoven with the geography and infrastructure.

Suppose units can stack when they are on roads or railways. Perhaps they might stack higher on a railroad. Granted, this is more about movement than about combat and I thought of it as something that might improve the Civ 6 experience. In the Civ 6 experience, the utility of being able to move along roads and railways more freely without being blocked would make roads even more useful, but would probably cause units to need a -3 or -6 combat penalty when attacked on a road and in a stack and take collateral damage from siege units.

Pillaging roads and railways would be more impactful in some circumstances, since they could no longer be stacked on that tile.

The ocean could have its own stacking rules. I like the idea of being able to embark as we do in Civ 6, but it would also be interesting to have the old transport ship back in addition. The transport ship would change the stacking limitation on its tile and set the movement rate of all units to a common number. Why not have both methods?

I like the idea of settlers and builders being able to stack with anything in their own borders. It might reduce some frustration when foreign units are in your own land.
From a historical standpoint limited stacking should come into play after learning certain miliary technologies/civics. For example, during Classical Era the Macedonian Phalanx formation dominated the battlefield. That could be the beginning point of being able to stack two of the same units together. Stacking two different units could come later in the Renaissance when learning about Pike and Shot formation.
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