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May 25, 2002
In the tradition of Lonewolf5050 and Skydivingcows, I have created a Rule and Data file for the Rise and Rule Mod for C3C.
This file is based on the 1.03 release of the mod and I will do my best to make timely updates to it as the mod changes in the future. It is an Adobe pdf file.
Any ideas on making it better and/or constructive criticism is welcomed.
I hope that this file is helpful to you.
I strongly suggest you print it out (preferably on a color laser at work ;) ) and keep it handy while playing.
I have made every effort to ensure it's accuracy but some mistakes may have snuck in. They will be corrected as you guys find them. When the Dev spreadsheet and .biq file were in conflict with each other, I went with what is in the .biq, since that is how it will play out.

Here are a couple of screen shots.

File is here.

First I want to apologize for the formatting problems. Adobe Acrobat did a hack job on my formatting while doing the conversion from Word format to pdf.
I will fix this in the next version.

Known bugs:
1) Empire state building should read +50% Tax not lux tax.
2) No Happy Face entry on National Sports league.
3) No Happy Face entry on War Memorial.
4) No Happy Face entry on Eiffel Tower.
5) Barricades should read 150% def. bonus.
6) Civil Defense should be 50% def. bonus. Not 75%
7) Ghurka is missing fact that it ignores move cost on Mtns. And Hills.
8) Build Colony missing from Worker Job section. (Thanks ManOfMiracles) :)

The following list was kindly given to me by Pfeffersack:

9) Chiefdom: the standard tile penalty effects also commerce, not only food/shields.
10) Improvement section: you have correctly listed the traits to which every improvement is tied; the headline however suggests that every trait has an half-price effect (this is only true for sci, rel, agr, mil and seaf)
11) Scientific trait: you haven't mentioned the higher probability of SGLs (5% instead of 3%)
12) Outpost: Missing note on worker consumption
13) Units: There is no note on AA rating or have I just missed it?

Original list continued:
14) Siphai missing Lethal land Bombard symbol.
15) Corvette should be +2 hitpoint bonus, not +1.
16) Frigate and Tongkang should be +2 HP, not +1.
17) Man-O-War has ZOC.

In regards to the AA ratings, there is a new unit bug in the C3C Editor. When you add new units certain settings are zeroed for all units. This is how the worker mess happened in 1.02. All wkr. str. were set to zero. Well, the same thing happened with AA ratings and it wasn't caught until after 1.03 was released to the testers.
When the next version of the biq is released with this fixed, I will correct the file.

As new bugs are found, I will edit them into this post.
Very nice! You should post inthe RaR thread and let everyone know about it.
Thanks Bonscott. :)

I'm trying to get Isak to edit the first post of that thread with a link to this. I think he will do it. When is a different story. :lol:
He's pretty busy.
Just an FYI, I am working on the civilopedia for the mod now. That is as much work, if not more, than this ref. file was. :eek:
Printed out much of this file last night. :) I didn't seem to have much in the way of formatting issues, at least anything that annoyed me.

I've been trying to get a handle on the "upgrade paths" for the various units in RaR as posted here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=2530996&postcount=1105

Not sure if you can use any of that information or not but feel free to steal all you want. I need to get some time to do the ships and your file should make that a whole lot easier. :)
Good file. The only thing that jumped out at me (other than the items in post #2) is the exclusion of Build Colony in the Worker Jobs section.
Matt_G said:
I'm trying to get Isak to edit the first post of that thread with a link to this. I think he will do it. When is a different story. :lol:
He's pretty busy.

No I'm not. I'm just lazy... :p :rolleyes:

Sorry Matt (and everybody else). I've pulled my act together and added a link now, and soon there will even be one on the website, I promise. :)

Great work, Matt :goodjob:
Thanks for taking over the Civilopedia - Matt_G. :goodjob:

RLI stops me from visiting this site and CDG at the moment. :(

Hope to be back on a more regular basis in a few months time. :lol:
Great work Matt_G! Maybe you give us .doc version also? Because I can take the work of updating these charts up to 1.04 pre-beta, if you do not mind.
P.S. sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
If you want to do that, be my guest. :)
I can't upload or attach the .doc version because it's too big.
If you send me your e-mail address in a PM, I will gladly pass it on.
Be warned of two things though.
1) It is almost 6MB zipped.
2) I am moving today and tomorrow and will be without internet access for a week starting any time now. Qwest could pull my DSL at any minute. :lol:
So it will be next Friday before I get back with you.
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