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Scaling per turn


Jan 28, 2023

I am brand new to modding. I was playing the zombie mode and I liked it but didn't like how the zombies combat strength scaled. I wanted it to scale based on the turn count instead of how many zombies have died.

I got SQLite and learned the basics of making a mod. I made one that functioned but then when I tried to figure out how to change the scaling like how I wanted I ran into a wall.

In modifier arguments there is a value that references zombie number of deaths. Perfect I will just change that to the current turn count and mess around with the scalar value to find something I like. The problem is I can't seem to find the reference for the current turn value anywhere.

Does anyone know where I can find the current turn value? There might be a way to search the database but I have been having trouble figuring this out. I would appreciate any help, thank you!
You could create a unit ability that applies a modifier to the unit like the Mulan Hero. I'd take a look there and see if it's something that could be adapted to your needs. I can't remember if that ability is specifically coded for Heroes or not.
Thank you for the reply. I took a look and Mulans CS scaling ability isn't listed along the other heroes abilities. That was a good idea though. I am starting to think this isnt a function but it seems crazy to me that the current turn count isnt stored and referenced as a value. Is there maybe a function that increments per turn? maybe I can set the zombie deaths value to increment 1 per turn? I am not sure how to do that either.
That's Chimp's old modding companion. It hasn't been updated in quite some time though. There's an updated one here by WildW here:

If you want to get into Lua scripting you might be able to find a way. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Lua is small so I'd be no help. I don't know of that many modders either who are well versed in it.
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