The Patch broke my Game!

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by Buecephalus, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. Buecephalus

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    Mar 5, 2001
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    I downloaded the patch, installed it and started playing a game. I looked for the changes that were listed on Firaxis' website and as far as I can tell the patch didn't install. The privateer still has an offense of 1, corruption seems as bad as ever and I haven't gotten to flight yet, so I don't know if air superiority works or not.
    Unfortunately the worst was yet to come, I'm playing that same game and at the beginning of a turn from1590 AD to 1600 AD my computer freezes up and closes the program. So I reload, same thing. I go back a few autosaves, and the computer continues to shut down on the changing of turns. So I load a saved (different) game, same thing happens. What should I do? Obviously the patch didn't work, so maybe it's not the problem. On the other hand I've played this game for almost two months now and have NEVER had it shut down on me. Not until I "attempted" to install the patch.
    Any thoughts?

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  2. Toni1

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    Nov 30, 2001
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    try uninstalling, reinstalling and applying patch again (did you have any mods installed before you installed the patch? if you did try the patch on unmodded version) and starting new game. It did not give any errors while installing the patch? What os you have? Computer specs?

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