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May 18, 2001

I'm wonder if there are any posts or web pages that give
sample "timelines" for the game. That is, perhaps an example
such as "by 3000BC, have 2 cities, one is building X (have temple), the other is producing Y, and civ is researching Z. No contact with other civs.
At 2400BC, now have 5 cites, have contacted 2 civ's, have
X amount in treasury; by 1AD, ..., etc."

I follow some of the tips given in other threads but still
don't seem to be doing things in a timely manner. For
example, one post advised sending out units quickly to
contact other civ's. So early in one game when I was on
island, I built 2 tiremes early and sent out 4 diplomats
only to have them shot down. This took up a lot of time (took
me to about 1000AD) and I accomplished nothing. (King level)


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Apr 24, 2001
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Some time ago I started this thread along similar lines: Civ 2 benchmarks and I hope that this is of some use. Obviously, such benchmarks are theoretical as each game will depend on the map and starting places, but if you need any more help then just read some of the succession games in the Civ 2 Stories and Tales forum and adapt their techniques to your own games.


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Jan 19, 2001
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Here are some of the ones I thought of.

First there is Andu Indurin's Roman civilization. This is an example of one way to build a monster high score civ. Be sure to read both the timeline and the notes

If you want to reach the stars quickly, a couple of the folks at 'poly have done some amazing things. There was the game where Samson realized the value of railroaded trade routes to a foreign civ. And his amazing 76 ad landing. Although that one didn't have a detailed log he did discuss it in pretty deep detail. If you want a log, there is solo's 336 landing which I think was on the same map.


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Oct 28, 2000
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hmmm..lets see...if its deity 1x1 then:

4 cities by 3000bc>2800bc...reasonable goal.

Monarchy by no later than 2000bc...also reasonable

1st wonder by 1500bc....sometimes easy...sometimes
not,depends on a lot of factors.By 1000bc is certainly reasonable

to be able to switch to a STRONG Republic by 500bc>1AD.By strong I mean being able to celebrate immediately at 50% lux or so.Usually means having at least Mich's....perhaps JSB as well.

At least 20 tech by 1 ad...this also can change with circumstances.More than 20 is quite doable,but 20 is a nice # for par.

It depends on what specific goal you set from the start...if you even set one.Like, if I decide I am going to conquer from day 1,then goals change compared to I'm going for earliest spaceship,or 5000 points by 1500ad, etc.
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