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Nov 20, 2023
King level "triple" win for Poland (Diplo or Tech at turn 435, or skip those options and get Dom at 445) and Huns (Dom or Tech at turn 441, or skip and get Diplo at 444).

I'm attaching the earlier file for each.

I'm not sure how often double wins are likely at higher levels, because I rarely go even as high as Emperor. It seems, though, that overall dominance of culture, science, etc. will attract city-states and enable a Diplomatic win while you're on the road to Spaceship Tech Victory.

I even had one case where gobbling the last city of an AI civ automatically gave me a Culture win because that was the only civ left to "impress".


  • Attila_0441 AD-2020-July DomTech copy.Civ5Save
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  • Casimir III_0435 AD-2015 copy.Civ5Save
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