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Turnchat Schedule/Summary Thread

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of Democracy' started by Chieftess, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    This thread is for the DP (designated player) to post a schedule and summary of their turnchat(s) that they have held. This is not a discussion thread.
  2. Blkbird

    Blkbird Chieftain

    Oct 29, 2005
    Game Session 1 played by DP Chieftress, online, 18 Jan 24:00 UTC:

    Shorthand log (this is my personal record of what I believe has happend. I can't garantee its accuracy as I'm not the DP, but I'm fairly sure I got it right):

    How to read my shorthand log:
    "Warrior 3": Warrior moves SE (3 as on the keyboard numpad)
    "Scout 12": Scout moves SW then S
    "Warrior 7, * Scout": Warrior moves NW and gains a Scout (from a Hut)
    "Scout 9, + Mongolia": Scout moves NE and meets Mongolia
    "Scout < Lion, = 0.7:1": Scout defends against Lion with a resulting Strength of 0.7 and Experience of 1
    "Boaring Wallow = 2": Boaring Wallow grows to size 2
    "Boaring Wallow b Warrior": Boaring Wallow builds Warrior with a single citizen working on the tile "b". The working tiles of a city are marked this way:

    . . . . .  |  . r s t .
    . g h a .  |  q g h a i
    . f # b .  |  p f # b j
    . e d c .  |  o e d c k
    . . . . .  |  . n m l .
    # GS 1 (Chieftess)
    Settler build Boaring_Wallow
    Boaring_Wallow b Warrior
    research 100% Animal_Husbandry
    Warrior 3
    Warrior 1
    Warrior 3
    Warrior 1
    Boaring_Wallow = 2
    Warrior 4
    Warrior 4
    Warrior 1
    Warrior 7, * Scout
    Scout 12
    Scout < Lion, = 0.7:1
    Warrior 8
    Scout 23
    Warrior 8
    Scout 66
    Scout < Panter, = 0.3:3
    Warrior 9
    Scout 9, + Mongolia (Genghis Khan)​

    Turnchat log: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_Turnchatlog_Jan18.zip
    Savegames: Turn 0 (4000 BC, after founding of the first city), Turn 5 (3800 BC), Turn 10 (3600 BC, end of Game Session)
    Screenshot at the end of the Game Session: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=3604137#post3604137
  3. Blkbird

    Blkbird Chieftain

    Oct 29, 2005
    Game Session 2 played by DP Blkbird, offline, 21 Jan. 24:00 UTC:

    Narrative log:

    3600 BC (Turn 10):
    - Scout moves SE and reveals another Hut SSE of him! He must hurry to get there before it gets snapped away by the Mongols again. He is now promoted to Woodman I, which heals him to 0.7/1.
    / Boaring Wallow grows to Population 2.

    3560 BC (Turn 11):
    - Boaring Wallow's production is switched from Warrior to Worker, finishing in 15 turns, with the new Population working on another Flood Plains.
    - Warrior moves NW onto the Plains Hills.
    - Scout hurries SE-S to the Hut in a Grassland Jungle and receives 52 Gold! Yes!
    / Mogolian Scout arrives at the same spot, but this time he is the one to be a step too late. In your face, Mongols!

    3520 BC (Turn 12):
    - Warrior moves N into the Dessert.
    - Scout moves E-SE into another Grassland Jungle.
    / Mogolian Scout keeps following our Scout.
    / Buddhism has been founded in a distant land!

    3480 BC (Turn 13):
    - Warrior moves NW to the Hut on the Plains Forest Hills and receives another Scout! The previous Scout is temporarily named Scout 1, and the new one Scout 2.
    - Scout 1 moves SE-SE onto a Grassland Jungle Hills, Gems are seen NE next to him.
    - Scout 2 moves N-NW into a Plains Forest and sees the northern Coastline. It seems the land ends pretty soon north of Boaring Wallow, and our Capital would be practically middle on a large peninsula. He will continue to move north and make sure if this is the case. Pigs are seen W next to him.
    / Mogolian Scout moves W next to our Scout 1.
    / A Lion appears SE next to Scout 1.

    3440 BC (Turn 14):
    - Warrior move NE into a Plains.
    - Scout 1 has a very favorable defense position against the Lion, so he stays where he is.
    - Scout 2 moves NE and sees a Bear NE next to him, that's too much for him to handle, so he moves SE into the same Plains as our Warrior.
    / Mogolian Scout disappeared.
    / The Lion attacks Scout 1 as expected, who defends himself easily, with Strength 0.6 afterwards.
    / The Bear is out of sight now.

    3400 BC (Turn 15):
    - Warrior moves back W into the desert since none of the tiles north to him provides any defensive bonus, and he is no match for the Bear (Strength 2 against 3) on even grounds.
    - Scout 1 moves SE into a Grassland Jungle and reveals another Hut NE of him!
    - Scout 2 moves NE-E into a Grassland Forest ans confirms the norther coastline indeed ends here. He'll be sent to explore the southwestern region next.
    / The Bear is still nowhere in sight.

    3360 BC (Turn 16):
    - Warrior moves NW into a Plains Forest and hopes to encounter the Bear with a favourable defensive position.
    - Scout 1 moves to the Hut in the Grassland Jungle and receives Experience, which grows from 4 to 9.
    - Scout 2 moves S-SW into a Grassland Forest NW to Boaring Wallow.
    / Scout 1 is ready for another promotion.

    3320 BC (Turn 17):
    - Warrior moves NE into a Tundra Forest.
    - Scout 1 moves SW-NW onto a Grassland Jungle Hills. Another Lion is seen N next to him. Due to his excellent defense position and Woodman I promotion, he should be able to handle the Lion without another promotion, which is better reserved for the next turn as promotion heals best directly after a combat. More Gems are seen SE of him.
    - Scout 2 moves SW-S to a Plains.
    / The Bear appears E next to our Warrior.
    / Scout 1 defends against the attacking Lion with Strength 0.2/1 left. Good soldier!
    / We have discovered Animal Husbandry.

    3280 BC (Turn 18):
    - Pottery is specified as the next research goal.
    - Warrior stays in the Forest and prepares to defend the Bear.
    - Scout 1 is promoted to Woodsman II, healing him to 0.6/1 and doubling his Movement in Jungle and Forest, which is pretty handy as the large jungle region he's current in appears to have no end. He moves NE-E onto a Grassland Jungle Hills at the northeastern Coast of the southern part of our continent. Corn is seen SE of him.
    - Scout 2 moves S-SW into a Grassland Forest.
    / Warrior bravely defends himself against the Bear, with Strength reduced to 1.1/2.
    / A Lion appears SE of Scout 2.

    3240 BC (Turn 19):
    - Warrior moves E along the Coast into a Grassland.
    - Scout 1 moves SE-NE onto another Grassland Jungle Hills and reveals yet a new Hut SEE of him!
    - Scout 2 moves SW-S into a Plains Forest, escaping the Lion.
    / The Lion doesn't seem to following Scout 2, he hasn't come into sight again.

    3200 BC (Turn 20):
    - Warrior moves further E along the Coast into a Plains.
    - Scout 1 moves SE-E onto the Hut in a Grassland Jungle and receives a map, which reveals he is near the northeastern end of the southern part of the continent. A Panther is now S next to him. There are Horses SEE of him.
    - Scout 2 moves SW-S into a Plains Forest at the western Coast of the southern part of our continent.

    End of Game Session 2 Summary:
    - Our Warrior has received a second Scout from the Hut near our Capital, defended himself against a Bear and is scouting the Coast north to our Capital, which is found to be in the middle of a large peninsula.
    - Our first Scout has found 3 Huts, giving him Gold, Experience and Map each. He has defended himself against two Lions and is now facing a Panther. He has been promoted to Woodman I and Woodman II subsequently, and is now near the northeastern end of the southern part of our continent.
    - Our second Scout has escaped a Lion and is moving south along the western Coast.
    - Animal Husbandry has been discovered, Pottery will be discovered in 11 turns.
    - Boaring Wallow is finishing Worker in 6 turns.
    - Buddism has been founded somewhere quite early in this Session.​

    Shorthand log:

    # GS 2 (Blkbird)
    Scout 3, promote Woodsman_I, = 0.7:3
    Boaring_Wallow bh
    Boaring_Wallow bc Worker
    Warrior 7
    Scout 32, * $52
    Warrior 8
    Scout 63
    ? * Buddhism
    Warrior 9, * Scout_2
    Scout_1 (formally Scout) 33
    Scout_2 87
    Warrior 9
    Scout_1 0
    Scout_2 63
    Scout < Lion, = 0.6:4
    Warrior 4
    Scout_1 3
    Scout_2 96
    Warrior 7
    Scout_1 9, * Experience, = 0.6:9
    Scout_2 21
    Warrior 9
    Scout_1 39
    Scout_2 12
    Scout_1 < Lion, = 0.2:9
    + Animal_Husbandry
    research (100%) Pottery
    Warrior 0
    Scout_1 promote Woodsman_II, = 0.6:9, 96
    Scout_2 21
    Warrior < Bear, = 1.1:1
    Warrior 6
    Scout_1 39
    Scout_2 12
    Warrior 6
    Scout_1 36, * Map
    Scout_2 12​

    Savegames: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=3606066#post3606066
    Screenshots: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=3604137#post3604137

    All-inclusive package (savegame of each Turn, screenshots at end of Game Session, logs):
  4. ravensfire

    ravensfire Member of the Opposition

    Feb 1, 2002
    Gateway to the West
    Initial Save

    Turn 0 save: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_BC3200_Turn0.Civ4SavedGame
    Turn 5 save: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_BC3000_Turn5.Civ4SavedGame
    Turn 10 save: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_BC2800_Turn10.Civ4SavedGame

    Chat log: http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_BC3200_Gamelog.zip

    As often happens to scouts wandering in new territory, ours in the far west have failed to report home even once in the past few hundred years. There is no doubt that they have met with a foul fate. Our scouts to the South, however, had much success! They have discovered two herds of horses, and found the lands of the Mongol Genghis Khan and the Russian Peter, whom we met this session.

    Our first group of workers has completed a road leading to the pigs, and are now starting a pasture there. We've trained a new group of warriors, who now defend our city from attack.

    Our researchers have nearly perfected how to craft pottery, and should complete their research next turn!

    -- Ravensfire
    -- Ravensfire
  5. Blkbird

    Blkbird Chieftain

    Oct 29, 2005
    My shorthand log of Games Session 3, played by ravensfire:

    # GS 2 (Blkbird)
    Scout_1 < Panther, killed
    Warrior 4
    Scout_2 21
    Warrior 1
    Scout_2 2
    Warrior 1
    Scout_2 2
    Warrior 1
    Scout_2 22
    Warrior 1
    Scout_2 21
    Boaring_Wallow + Worker
    Boaring_Wallow bq Warrior
    Worker 6, road
    Warrior 3, + Russian (Peter)
    Scout_2 1
    Warrior 3
    Scout_2 22
    Warrior 3
    Scout_2 23
    Boaring_Wallow + Warrior_2
    Boaring_Wallow bc Warrior
    Warrior_1 (formally Warrior) 2
    Warrior_2 fortify
    Scout_2 23
    Worker 9, pasture
    Warrior_1 2
    Scout_2 22
  6. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Here are the results of the play session on 1/30, originally scheduled by Octavian X.

    Turn 0 Save
    Turn 5 Save
    Turn 10 Save

    Chat Log

    Spoiler chatlog :

    Session Start: Mon Jan 30 20:52:19 2006
    Session Ident: #turnchat
    [01/30 20:52] * Now talking in #turnchat
    [01/30 20:52] * Topic is 'Next Chat: Civ4 - Jan 26 6:30 CST Civ 3 - Unknown'
    [01/30 20:52] * Set by Ravensfire on Wed Jan 25 16:36:58
    [01/30 20:52] * DS_shopping is now known as DaveShack
    [01/30 20:52] * Chieftess sets mode: +v DaveShack
    [01/30 20:52] * Mafioso sets mode: +o DaveShack
    [01/30 20:52] * DaveShack is now known as DS_shopping
    [01/30 20:52] * DS_shopping is now known as DaveShack
    [01/30 20:55] <DaveShack> hi, anyone here?
    [01/30 21:07] <Chieftess> Just glancing before going to sleep.
    [01/30 21:07] <Chieftess> goodnight
    [01/30 21:07] <Chieftess> I think the CoC falls to you
    [01/30 21:12] * Ravensfire has joined #turnchat
    [01/30 21:12] * Mafioso sets mode: +o Ravensfire
    [01/30 21:12] * Chieftess sets mode: +v Ravensfire
    [01/30 21:12] <Ravensfire> doh - no Octavian.
    [01/30 21:12] * Ravensfire has left #turnchat
    [01/30 21:16] <DaveShack> Fanatikos News Flash Play session starting
    [01/30 21:20] <DaveShack> we'll use the old scripts, it's kinda close to what we need for now
    [01/30 21:20] <DaveShack> downloading current save, to be sure
    [01/30 21:20] <DaveShack> closing extraneous programs
    [01/30 21:21] <DaveShack> memory check : ok
    [01/30 21:21] <DaveShack> launching fullscreen=no
    [01/30 21:22] <DaveShack> Governorees' of Barrowing Wallow Instructions
    [01/30 21:22] <DaveShack> Warrior->Settler->Worker
    [01/30 21:22] <DaveShack> Turn 8 -
    [01/30 21:22] <DaveShack> When the city grows, place one worked tile on the forested hill. This will give us some production. (If you can, try to max out production after size 3).
    [01/30 21:22] <DaveShack> When the warrior is done, start on the settler. Hopefully, we can grab that chokepoint quickly.
    [01/30 21:24] <DaveShack> double checking save to be loaded...
    [01/30 21:25] Taxes 0% / Science 100% / Entertainment 0%
    [01/30 21:26] <DaveShack> checking build
    [01/30 21:26] <DaveShack> Warrior (16)
    [01/30 21:27] <DaveShack> Build is correct, science is correct
    [01/30 21:27] <DaveShack> End of Turn 0 - 2800 BC
    [01/30 21:27] <DaveShack> Taxes 0% / Science 100% / Entertainment 0%
    [01/30 21:27] <DaveShack> Current Treasury = 52 gold ( 0 gold per turn )
    [01/30 21:27] <DaveShack> Researching Pottery. Will discover it in 1 turns.
    [01/30 21:27] <DaveShack> Saving file and Uploading...
    [01/30 21:29] <DaveShack> End of Turn 0 - 2800 BC
    [01/30 21:29] <DaveShack> Taxes 0% / Science 100% / Entertainment 0%
    [01/30 21:29] <DaveShack> Current Treasury = 52 gold ( 0 gold per turn )
    [01/30 21:29] <DaveShack> Researching Pottery. Will discover it in 1 turns.
    [01/30 21:29] <DaveShack> Hitting Enter...
    [01/30 21:29] <DaveShack> http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_BC-2800_Turn0.Civ4SavedGame
    [01/30 21:29] <DaveShack> I'm guessing Strider is on logging mode -- plus there is really nothing to look at, so proceeding
    [01/30 21:30] Advanced to Turn 1, 2750 BC
    [01/30 21:30] <DaveShack> hmm, can't use the mirc script, the years are off
    [01/30 21:32] <DaveShack> warrior S
    [01/30 21:33] <DaveShack> scout2 sw, se
    [01/30 21:33] <DaveShack> mining was selected for tech
    [01/30 21:33] <DaveShack> end of turn 1, pressing enter
    [01/30 21:33] <DaveShack> mining was in 10
    [01/30 21:34] <DaveShack> turn 2, 2720 BC
    [01/30 21:34] <DaveShack> scout2 E,E; warrior S
    [01/30 21:34] <DaveShack> end of turn 2, mining in 9
    [01/30 21:34] <DaveShack> pressing enter
    [01/30 21:34] <DaveShack> turn 3, 2680 BC
    [01/30 21:34] <DaveShack> warrior S
    [01/30 21:35] <DaveShack> scout2 E,E - spots wines
    [01/30 21:35] <DaveShack> end of turn 3, mining in 8
    [01/30 21:35] <DaveShack> pressing enter
    [01/30 21:35] <DaveShack> turn 4, 2640BC
    [01/30 21:36] <DaveShack> scout2 NE, N - tribal village spotted :)
    [01/30 21:36] <DaveShack> warrior S; end of turn 4; mining in 7; pressing enter
    [01/30 21:37] <DaveShack> turn 5, 2600 BC
    [01/30 21:37] <DaveShack> warrior S; scout enters village and we get a warrior;
    [01/30 21:38] <DaveShack> new warrior renamed Warrior2
    [01/30 21:38] <DaveShack> Warrior2 SE, sees some coast
    [01/30 21:38] <DaveShack> screenshot
    [01/30 21:40] <DaveShack> end of turn 5, mining in 6, pasture complete, Boaring Wallow grows in 2, warrior in 11
    [01/30 21:40] <DaveShack> uploading
    [01/30 21:41] <DaveShack> http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_BC-2600_Turn5.Civ4SavedGame
    [01/30 21:42] <DaveShack> break for a couple of minutes
    [01/30 21:44] <DaveShack> and hearing no comments, pressing enter
    [01/30 21:45] <DaveShack> decided to take a screenie of Boaring wallow first
    [01/30 21:45] <DaveShack> turn 6, 2560 BC
    [01/30 21:46] <DaveShack> instructions say to do a road on the pasture -- not needed but following it
    [01/30 21:47] <DaveShack> warrior2 SW to go around the lake ? to the S. Scout2 NW,NW to check for other huts before bending to the NE.
    [01/30 21:47] <DaveShack> warrior 1 SE, and may hang around on this forest hill for a bit to regain strength. saw wolves a bit S of there last turn
    [01/30 21:48] <DaveShack> end of turn 6, mining in 5, growth in 1, warrior in 10
    [01/30 21:49] <DaveShack> mongols are expanding towards our choke, hope we get our settler fast
    [01/30 21:49] <DaveShack> turn 7, 2520 BC
    [01/30 21:49] <DaveShack> warrior SW, decided not to wait on healing yet
    [01/30 21:49] <DaveShack> scout E, NE
    [01/30 21:50] <DaveShack> warrior2 SW; end of turn 7; hitting enter
    [01/30 21:50] <DaveShack> IBT: scout2 defends against wolves
    [01/30 21:50] <DaveShack> warrior2 sees lions
    [01/30 21:51] <DaveShack> turn 8, 2480 BC, 52g (0gpt), mining in 3, warrior in 2, growth in 6
    [01/30 21:52] <DaveShack> screenshot of city screen
    [01/30 21:52] <DaveShack> working pasture, floodplain, 3 hammer forest
    [01/30 21:53] <DaveShack> scout2 is facing panthers, can hold in place on a 75% bonus tile, or move away
    [01/30 21:54] <DaveShack> scout2 NW, NE to avoid panthers
    [01/30 21:55] <DaveShack> warrior1 NE to watch over mongols; warrior2 S
    [01/30 21:55] <DaveShack> end of turn 8, pressing enter
    [01/30 21:56] <DaveShack> IBT, contacted by Bismarck; peace in our time
    [01/30 21:56] <DaveShack> road completes -- pig connected, not that we need it just now
    [01/30 21:57] <DaveShack> worker starts cottage on FP
    [01/30 21:57] <DaveShack> warrior1 NW, scout2 NE, warrior2 SE
    [01/30 21:58] <DaveShack> end of turn 9, 2440 BC, growth in 5; warrior in 1; pressing enter
    [01/30 21:59] <DaveShack> turn 10, 2400 BC, warrior completes start settler (14), Warrior3 S for barb patrol
    [01/30 22:00] <DaveShack> warrior2 E, scout2 E (sees panther again :eek:)
    [01/30 22:00] <DaveShack> end of turn 10, saving and uploading
    [01/30 22:02] <DaveShack> http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/C4DG1_BC-2400_Turn10.Civ4SavedGame
    [01/30 22:04] <DaveShack> Fanatikos News Flash end of play session
    [01/30 22:14] <DaveShack> g'night all, signing off
    Session Close: Mon Jan 30 22:14:22 2006

    Completed pasture, pottery, warrior
    Growth to size 3
    Settler started, due in 14
    Mining due in 1
    popped a hut, got a warrior
    cottage in progress
    screenshots soon...

    Choke point at 2760BC

    City screen at 2600BC

    Land to south at 2600BC

    City screen at 2480BC

    Our land at 2400 BC

    Choke point at 2400 BC

  7. Tubby Rower

    Tubby Rower Chronic Slacker

    Nov 15, 2004
    Middle of Virginia Hair: None
    This post wil contain and autolog as well as some screenshots and other important stuff about the turns that are about to be played. Rik Meleet made me an op in the chatroom so I promptly used my newfound powers to kick him out of the room :lol: . He came back though. I should have kicked and banned him ;)


    Spoiler autolog :

    Turn 41 (2400 BC)
    Tech learned: Mining
    Scout defeats (0.68/1): Barbarian Panther
    Research begun: Bronze Working
    Scout 2 (Scout) promoted: Woodsman I
    Research begun: Bronze Working

    Turn 42 (2360 BC)

    Turn 43 (2320 BC)
    Warrior defeats (2.00/2): Barbarian Lion

    Turn 44 (2280 BC)

    Turn 45 (2240 BC)

    Turn 46 (2200 BC)

    Turn 47 (2160 BC)

    Turn 48 (2120 BC)
    Scout loses to: Barbarian Lion (2.00/2)

    Turn 49 (2080 BC)

    Turn 50 (2040 BC)

    Beginning save @ turn 0

    save turn 5 @ end of turn

    save turn 10 @ end of turn

    Screenshot @ turn 0 (2400BC)
    Spoiler :

    Screenshots @ turn 5
    Spoiler :

    screenshot(s) @ turn 10
    Spoiler :

    In summary, we lost 1 scout while defeating 2 barb animals. Bronze working will complete in 10 turns. The settler will complete in 4 turns. Berlin was fairly well scouted. Berlin was defended by an AXEMAN!!! The Germans have 4 population their capital and a couple of mines around their territory. The Germans are under Slavery.

    Nothing obvious has changed with the choke point. Ghengis has apparently popped some techs from some Goodie Huts since he is not listed on the top 5 cities but he has the highest score. All AI are cautious towards us.
  8. Tubby Rower

    Tubby Rower Chronic Slacker

    Nov 15, 2004
    Middle of Virginia Hair: None
    Again, I'm double posting due to lack of participation in these threads

    Summary of turnchat session 5 from term 2

    Military front
    • Barracks completed in Boaring Wallow, currently building Axeman
    • City#3 completed a spearman, currently building Axeman
    • city2 continuing build on barracks
    • 3 barbs popped out on are pennisula
    • eastern coast is scouted along with most if not all of Germany
    • current troop status: 4 warriors, 1 spear

    Diplomatic front
    • Open borders was signed at turn 0 since the poll had no end date and no one has dissented.
    • Germany requested open borders and after a spot vote, borders were opened with Frederick.
    • Mongolia requested open borders and after a small amount of debate and a spot vote, we denied Ghengis access to our great land

    Science front
    • research continued on Alphabet.
    • Open borders helped the research speed a bit, but we still have >20 turns before discovering the difference between vowels and consonants

    Domestic front
    • Our worker was continuing the road until a barb popped out 3 tiles away from him.
    • without adequate units to provide escort duty, he was sent to mine the plains hill 1 tile west of Boaring Wallow.
    • He should be done right around the time that the axeman is completed in BW.
    • The road to city2 has nearly reached as far as the culture has from our great capital
  9. Sigma

    Sigma Censor

    Dec 26, 2005
    Rice University
    This thread hasn't been used in a while. Let's see if people will start using it again.

    Summary for the April 3rd TC, Term 4, Session 1 (180 AD)

    Turn 0 save:

    Turn 5 save:

    Turn 8 save:

    The TC was ended early because Mongolia has founded Old Sarai one tile away from where we planned to settle.

    Other notable events:
    - Our war chariot survived a barrage of barbs
    - We completed a library, worker, settler, and some archers
    - The road to City #4 is about half done
    - Philosophy is down to 44 turns
    - We received no demands and made no trades
  10. donsig

    donsig Low level intermediary

    Mar 6, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    Current save: 1553 AD.

    Islam was founded by the Germans. There is now :religion: on our continent. :eek: :worship:

    We now have open borders with the Aztecs who live on the other continent. We have circumnavigated the globe and were the first to do so! While doing so we met Saladin and Mansa Mansu (or whatever his name is).

    We have just learned guilds.

    We have a sad face in Audua City and a yuck face in Fort I. We have many military units waiting for promotion orders.

  11. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    Islam has spread to our lands. We need to decide if we're goign to switch to it, which will have a benefit with the Germans, or stay non-religious which helps with the others.

    Aztecs and Mali are at war. Each asked us for help against the other.

    Aztecs demanded our WM which we agreed to. That got us on good relations, even after refusing to join the war.

    Someone got Guilds (our monopoly) and traded it around. It became obvious we needed to trade it to get any benefit, so we got engineering, WM, and 10g from Peter.

    The play went into the beginning of the 11th turn so we could get Banking, see what may be researched next, and trade opportunitites.

    Peter got Education, so we will miss out on Liberalism for sure, and be behind a bit in tech.
  12. Oldbus

    Oldbus Chief of Confusion

    Oct 6, 2005
    Fairly uneventful turnchat.

    Great Scientist was produced in New Port City. Without instructions he was left to sleep.

    We have Open Borders with Germany.

    The small continent with a barb city on it, appears to only have barb cities on it, plus empty land. This may be a possible exploration target.

    Peter cancelled the wine deal with us. This left us with happiness problems in quite a lot of cities, so I boosted the garrisons.

    Peter wanted to trade world maps. I asked for for 10 gold and got it.

    Confucianism has now spread in our lands (as well as Islam last TC).

    Some screenies:



    Tech tree

    Resources trade info

    Tech trade info

    Score graph

    Food graph

    Gold graph

    Our economy is definitely picking up :) :gold:

    Prodn graph

    Power graph

    We are still very low on the power graph :(

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