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Very strange problem!!


Nov 29, 2001
Isaac Newton's College
I have a very strange problem. I decided to start a game on a huge map but on a small island, inspired by Sirian's cuban isolationist succession game.

The map was generated by the map editor and then I created a perfect island for myself on that map.

I then used Gramphos's Civ3CopyTool to import the map into a bic file which contained slightly modified rules. I also created a cpf file so that I would start on my little island.

I began the game as Russians, saved it immediately, and then used the SaveGame Modifier to load the correct starting locations.

At first it worked perfectly, I started where I wanted to and I checked that no AI civ was starting out in the ocean!

However problems began when I found out that I couldn't build Colossus, even though I had Bronze Working and Moscow was on coast. I ignored this at first, but then when I discovered Map Making I found that none of my coastal cities could build harbour or galley! :eek: :confused:

It seems that the ocean of the world has been interpreted by the game engine as a small inland lake or something, not allowing to build any naval units or coastal buildings.

I then used the famous ...multi...sav cheat to have a look whether the AI can build any harbours or galleys. It turned out that no, but what surprised me was that 10 civs out of 16 practically did not have any cities . And that's in about 400 AD! On Monarch! The French had 2 cities, the other 9 had only one city each!! :eek: :eek: Although they have a lot of free land, their cities are producing wealth!

However 5 other AI civs were fully developed, as they should be on Monarch!

I am sure that it is not my mod which is to blame, because I played with it before with no problem.

I am attaching the zip file with the save (the cheat ...multi...sav so that it is easier to see what's going on), the combined bic file with the map and mod rules, and the cpf file.

I hope somebody could make sense of this!! :)
i had that happen once, also. i think it is because the computer does not like certain starting spots. it might be that it refuses to build another city too close to its first. if if for some reason it cant build any further it just doesnt build another.

i made a created map where everyone was separated so that noone would meet before galleons. a couple of them had a single city when i eventually found them. the islands where they should have expanded to were crawling with barbarians.
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