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What does the market do and how can I make it work for me?

Do you use the market?

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Nov 13, 2003
Lab 653
I been trying to understand how the market works and I am having problems getting the market to work for me. (aka. giving me benfits)
My question is, What does the market do and how can i make it work for me?
It gives you more gold from your city, I think 50%. But the amazing thing about them is they make more citizens happy. A city without a marketplace, luxury resources will make one unhappy person content (or one content person happy, can't remember), for each luxury resource. If you have a marketplace, then after every 2 luxuries you have it will make one more person content. Like if you have 3 luxuries w/o MP you get 3 content ppl, with a MP you get 4. 5 luxuries w/o MP = 5 content ppl, 5 luxuries With MP = 9.

Build a marketplace in a city and make sure you have a couple luxuries i think a bit to the left near the top half of the screen it shows many ppl are content from luxuries, it shows it better than I can explain.
I'm curious about the one person who voted they don't use markets, I have one word.... WHY?!??!?!! ;)
I sure do use them. It is one of the core improvments in the game! They generate more income, and they help keep more citizens happy. On the higher levels, it would be hard to thrive without them.
Why would anyone not use markets? I too think of them as an essential core city improvement. Maybe there is a good reason not to build them but as I can't think of it, I'd be happy to be told!
Also keep in mind that marketplaces are useless if your territory isn't roaded. Every worked tile on your city view screen should have a road on it to ensure maximum commerce. ANd if that road is on a river, so much the better.

So Marketplaces (and later, banks and stock exchanges) add to your total gold income. Allowing you to get new techs quicker, have more units in the game, and like was mentioned previously, multipliers to luxories.

A must have improvement no matter what your playing style.
I thought the extra commerce produced is directly going to the treasury... so no faster research?
They are just about the most important early improvement for your core cities, IMHO.
when you go to the city screen, you'll see 3 rows with stacks of money, what the marketplace (and bank &stock exchange) does is increase the top one by 50%. so if you're producing 10 gold in the top row, you'll get 15 oncwe you've built it. but remeber, it costs 1 gold to upkeep, so don't build it when you only get 1 gold (unless you want the luxury benifit). atlothough "alan smiths trading company eliminates the upkeep cost
Markets are an essential tool to making the ungrateful heathens in a captured city happier and less likely to flip. To see its effects: Goto the city view/zoom a city with no market and look at the number of smileys for the luxuries then compare it to those in a city with a market.

The market acts as a multiplier: increases tax/gold income, increases the result of owning or trading for luxuries.
Also, you can't build banks in any city without a marketplace, and you can't build stock exchanges in any city without a bank, and you can't build Wall St. until you have 5 stock exchanges.

Therefore, if you don't build marketplaces, you miss out on the extra happiness from luxuries, and the 50% increase in tax for each of the 3 improvements (total 150%), AND you won't be able to get interest on your treasury.

In short, marketplaces are absolutely vital for a good Civ economy.
Markets are critical IMHO, they increase gold production like crazy and they pave the way for banks -> Wall Street which is always nice.
They're the first thing I build when I get them, even before Libraries (if I haven't built them already).

Except maybe the Colleseum, but that's only if I really need it.
Markets are always essential for me. I usually don't have all that much money by the time I get em, so they're first on my build list. Unless the city needs an aqueduct to grow more. I find that a city size 6 or under doesn't really make any extra gold. In fact sometime it ends up costing me to build them. Still they are a must have for all my games.
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