Why can't I whip this Galleon?

Donald Duck1

Mar 9, 2019
I had put 5 hammers into the 80-hammer Galleon, expecting I could do a 2-pop whip with forge bonus to get the 60*1.25 = 75 remaining hammers. But the whip button says I need 3 pop. I this some rounding issue or am I overlooking something silly? Yes, I was in slavery; could whip in other cities that same turn.
Spoiler :

Yes, this is a rounding error. The game checks if you can use slavery with a different (and incorrect) function than the function doing the actual execution of the whip.
Thx, both.
I remember there was an issue with the 37.5 rounding, but wasn't aware it happens with even multiples of that too. So I guess a whip with forge/OR gives 37 hammers per pop, regardless of the number of pop.
No, the whip is calculated correctly. Say you had 6 hammers invested into the galleon, the whip would then bring it to 81.

Only the preview function that checks whether a whip is possible is incorrect.
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