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Civ4 - Screenshot of the Day

The Civ4 SOTD feature showcases only the weirdest, shocking, interesting, and/or unusual Civ4 screenshots. If you have a screenshot that meets the criteria, submit it to this category for consideration for SOTD!


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Recent Comments

  1. Duke William of Normandy
    Perfect. Just perfect...
  2. Duke William of Normandy
    Yes. This is perfect.
  3. Bast
    So I found the Great Barrier Reef next to a 1 tile island so I founded a city. Can't do anything, only build a harbour and water park but still. Is this common, I've never seen it like this.
  4. Basajaun
    @Lonecat Nekophrodite Very late into the game, when theres enough climate change to melt the ice caps up to that point. In a normal game I dont think you could reach it before winning the game,...
  5. DecimusJunius

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