You might have seen this but i got a scout from a village hut before i got hunting. I guess that means that village huts are more advanced than i am?

Notadolfhitler, Mar 16, 2009
    • StJude1
      of course they're more advanced, that's why you sometimes get techs from them that you haven't researched yet...
    • Vortilex
      OWNED by a tribal village :p
    • Pariah
      I once got Astronomy from a tribal village - allowing me to colonise a nearby uninhabited landmass 150 years before any of my rivals :)
    • hockeyrox38
      I think I've had this happen before. A goody hut gave me Meditation, so I founded Buddism. But if the goody hut knew about meditation, wouldn't they have founded it?
    • Brownsfan02
      On civ rev (I know this is civ IV screenshots) I have gotten atomic theory. I hope those huts don't nuke me!
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