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  • I didn't! I swear! I don't know why it would say that! In fact, I don't even recall having had rated it...
    You as where I was?
    I was out of the town for two weeks, and then I was out of the country. And then I somehow thought something was more important than CFC? I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm back now, so everything's all right.
    You should try out my site with either Opera Browser, Safari, or Google Chrome. If it doesn't work there are two unsolvable things: Freei.me doesn't support South America hosting. :S Or Your Peruvian internet have some problems with my site. What kind of error message do you have?

    btw: Barbarian Invasion is now downloadable from MegaUpload.com :)
    Currently Civ Modding Community is unavailable for a reason. We are working on solve this.
    It is because my freei.me account being suspended. Please leave that MyBookface.net, that is very dangerous, I spoke with the host about this problem, it will be solved soon. ;)
    Try Mozilla Firefox. You know, only Mozilla Firefox tolerates the the missing of www.
    I sent you "http://civmod.freei.me"
    but this: "http://www.civmod.freei.me" is the same. :)
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