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Aug 7, 2009
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    1. Spillsandstains
      hi 12tn2 have uploaded .rar in your viet civ thread
    2. Spillsandstains
      i will post the finished unit (with shield) when i've finally finished it. i might add an ammunition box for his crossbow bolts too, but being a novice adding bits on without any real knowledge of what i'm doing sometimes just crashes the game when the art tries to render. sorry for taking so long (and another bit - i'm terribly verbose)but it's been a wierd time, i'm glad i could put something back into the community. get back to me on the art, do you want anything changed? might look nice with some colourful contemporary dai viet textile texture, but i wouldn't know where to find it . . .
    3. Spillsandstains
      (part3of3)the rapier (a resized sword) was nicked off bakuel's vietnam unit set, who made 76 - billion units, really good quality, obsessively i think - a real stickler for historical accuracy in his later stuff. the only problem was you get (example) 3 different kinds of north - eastern Scottish Highland (1350-December 6, 1372) royal frog hunters (unarmoured) and it's impossible to decide which bit of equally good art to use . . . http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=329575 they are here. if you use the unit credit bakuel & coffee junkie, it is good etiquette.
    4. Spillsandstains
      (part2of3)there's also a rubbish button! if you can do a better one, please do!

      look forward to your vietnam1.2 mod, will use it myself; the crossbowman i did is quite simple, earlier ones i did failed - this time, i resized the crossbow and coloured it bronzey - like in the art you gave me - and changed the axe to a rapier to make it more unique. it's about the limit of my unit building! but i'll get better

      the base figure is from coffee junkies http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=337526 ethnicae mod. i love the art, it is full of really rich, colourful BTS flavour units - might be a good source of art if you do any more civs. i frequently plunder it and go "wow!, that's nice"
    5. Spillsandstains
      dear mr 12tn2

      i've finally knockerd up a unit for you!!!! i'm going to dump it on your vietnam civ thread in a minute. the unit is called "unitfor12tn2.kfm" and has all the art files. it uses crossbowman.kfm but doesn't have an _fx, i don't think you need it - just repaet the shadered kfm.

      the other kfm is something like "unitfror12tn2withshield" and it's a bit bigger, i stuck a shield on the back with a teamcolour + star. this isn't finished yet (the shield is too far aeway from the body) but i'm actually playing a game of civ at the moment and it's being fixed. please look at the art and see if you want the shield, and is the shield art ok for you? i can change it easily
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