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Mar 31, 2008
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    1. donalpanko
      Well I mostly taught myself but I did read guides for like switching weapons and body's and stuff like that. I use nifscope and gimp to make my units.
    2. Anaerin
      Hi Spillsandstains, I have just logged in and seen your message Re the Pictish symbol stone. Yes I still intend to get around to finishing my mod, but life has been manic for quite some time now. But I will get to finish it at some point. I would love to see your symbol stone! I created one myself, but I don't like the shape much. As a graphic artist, the symbols and textures are no probs, I do have lots of trouble with the 3D models though... working on a Mac.
    3. Zlatko
      You are welcome, i will make more and more orcs units (and other fantasy units) for all eras.
    4. hrochland
      Hi. My English is not good. If I understand, you want leaderhead? It is not my job. Or help with skin only? I can help you with skin but my reskins are not good :(
    5. Supa
      Well, thank you. :)
    6. cybrxkhan
      Sure, why not? You can upload it to the CFC or post it as an attachment on my Civ of the Week thread.
    7. SaibotLieh
      I hope you'll have success with that civ. ;)
    8. Nitram15
      You're welcome. If you have a request (of a leaderhead) i can do it if you want.
      Best regards,
    9. Spillsandstains
      Lithe, dancer's build, dark southern european looks, and featuring ample car parking space, I am now available in a variety of colours (navy, tan, pucci).
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