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  • the problems with different calculation speeds causing OOS, Could be a good testing platform for you? Other than that we got a bit of time and maybe (within reason) some money to throw in. Let me know what we can do.

    I would like to talk to you about this, not much of a typer. If there's a less public way to reach you that you could point me to I'll send you my Phone #.

    Thanks for all the work!
    My friends and I Would like to help you with the multiplayer however we can. We all have a great deal of experience with the game, one of my friends is an IT specialist who owns a IT support company. he has us set up with dedicated machines and is now looking into a dedicated sever as way to get around...
    Hey 45! Just spent a weekend playing your mod with 3 of my buddies it was awesome! we made it about 700 turns in the time we had with probaly less then a dozen OOS's and a couple of CTD's and most of that was before we read your forms here Saturday and were able to optimize our installs + behaviors.
    Hi 45,

    Thanks for all your work it's great. I flit between ROM AND and C2c and have a quick question about compatibility.

    I like your work on Revolution, if I were to cop[y it into C2C would it cause any issues?

    Thank you for all your hard work in helping keeping this beautiful mod maintained and developing ^^
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