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Aug 6, 2016
Jul 29, 2007
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Aug 21, 1976 (Age: 45)
Malaga , Spain

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Warlord, 45, from Malaga , Spain

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Aug 6, 2016
    1. DOmar1990
      sorry I send it as visitor... I will send you this as private message...
    2. AdrianoBrasil
      Man I have some problem with Patch of religions when the mod start have some problems with Buldings and the tecnology Granary have error.Please help i realy like this mod!!!!Thanks!!!

      Sorry for my Bad English!!!!!
    3. AdrianoBrasil
      The militaristic trait dont function in the version of RoM 2.9 have some problem or wrong I am?The civilization Pirates dont function,I belive becouse the militaristic Trait have problem.Please help!!Thanks
    4. Eduardo Dacal
      Eduardo Dacal
      Could you make a pack adding more corporations for RoM 2.80/2.81 as you have done for the 2.7 version?
    5. majinhatake
      when i play ROM with your moduals an error about the events keeps comming and it fills up the screen. Its really annoying and i can see. Please help.
    6. salaam
      i want your civs i just have no idea how to get them what is RoM
    7. salaam
      i didn't find the rom thing in my folder so i can't download your stuff can you help me plz
    8. JaeChunDaeSung
      How have you been? I have a question. Do you mind if I tweak around with your religion mod for RoM? This will only be for my style of play, and I will gladly correct some of the spelling for you. Unless you gave me permission, I will not share any of these changes with anyone else. I just have great appreciation for the work you've done, I'd easily pick up from there for you. Take care!
    9. skullking77
      Request for RoM Religions.

      Hey, I was thinking about all the religions you did and well, I'd like to put in a formal request, if you don't mind. ^__^

      I was thinking about more Futuristic Religions... Like, I have a more developed idea if you'd like what I show you but the General Idea of Religions would be:

      Transhumana: This is an ideal that would form a religion, we make ourselves Evolve, yada yada yada...

      Universalist: This has to deal with Extra-Dimensions, and that we are all United in Timelessness.

      These are the two I've really thought hard about... let me know! ^__^
    10. Nitram15
      Your RoM modmod's are very, very good!:goodjob:
      I very like the new civilizations and religions!:lol:
      Thank you AAranda!:)
    11. Pamonha
      Hi Aaranda
      congratulations for your work
      I am not being able to download religions and buildings mods for 2.71 RoM
      I think mediafire might have deleted it
      could u please upload it again?
    12. TheMostWanted
      Hi AAranda, I like your MOD for RoM. I have a question: Hi, IgorS. A question: How to put many Civ MOD in only one. For example, look this picture. The red point are Civ MODs.

      This picture has a bad resolution, but I'm going to write the Civ MOD in the picture:

      Inuit Empire, Mapuche Empire, Mexican Empire, Minon Nation, Olmec Empire, Pirate Empire, Siamese Empire, Taino Empire, Toltec Empire, Tupi Empire and Venezuelan Empire.
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    Aug 21, 1976 (Age: 45)
    Malaga , Spain
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