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  • for my experience: Decamper, Seon, Kaiser Electric and others can confirm my skills if need be.
    by the way, if you ever need me on Skype, you'd be better off VMing me first as I despise Skype and use it only when needed
    We should be allies in SK's game based solely on being the only ones who know which NPC is which.
    I like it, but it feels like it might get confusing between the two of us, and it's almost like my entire flag is Sunshine, instead of just a small portion XD. If you can, I'd appreciate it, but if not I totally understand :)
    Actually that was ridiculous of what I initially posted XD. What about something similar to this? http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120321213800/althistory/images/1/12/Alternate_French_Flag.jpg

    Replace the Blue with the Black perhaps, and yellow stars in the middle, keeping the golden trim. Maybe upper left corner could be the Sun/Nasa Logo, or even the entire Sunshine Kingdom flag in the upper left, and then in the other fields, blank white? If a moon could be put in with the stars, that'd be swell but if not that's totally cool! :D
    Thanks! Maybe later I'll work on this picture some more to fix up the flames and the light/shadows. I think Battle of the Dniester River is the most epic moment of the game so far.
    As the Hungarian player who ordered the river being set on fire, I must say, I approve of your depiction :thumbsup:
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