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  • What exactly does the Iccan religion teach?
    No. The focus on the game is criminal activity. The police faction exists solely as a regulating force on criminal activity. Any additional factions would necessitate additional balance, more specialties, and dilution of what I consider to be the central themes and mechanics of the game.
    No. Thematically and mechanically, the game is about criminals. Adding private security, additional police, dilutes the central tenet of the game.
    You're now at 25.

    It doesn't matter though, I already started the game. I added 5 points into your various Chutzpah skills. You might want to read your spreadsheet before playing.

    Also, since you were compliant, I gave you 2 plot points. You're very patient. You can use these in-between sessions.
    Okay, I wasn't really clear on how to use it. Thanks for clarifying. Like I said your skills still add up to 38. Remember: the second shtick is more expensive by 5 points.
    I'm having a hard time reading your skills sheet. Do you want me to add the numbers next to the skills to the existing numbers or are you trying to upgrade your skills to that number? If it's the former, you went way over your limit of 30 points to 38 points. If it's the latter, you can't downgrade skills.
    I'll allow you to use it in fight rolls but if you fail your fight roll while using it, you take fire damage.
    House Isthon agrees to a marriage, but depending on the situation with the trade rules it is not yet apparent whether another deal is possible. However as soon as it is, we will take one.
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