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  • If you have google or the latest browser it should translate the link for you. Denise Shirk's replies translate pretty well. His english was problably translated to russian using the same means to translate it back into English.
    The Warhammer mod is based on Fall From Heaven 2/Fall Further codebase. If you want to try creating something new like a Warcraft mod, you'd be much better off building on those codebases (or the Orbis mod) than on Warhammer. So try taking a look at some of the resources created to help with those mods.
    hi, can you tell me how to mod the xml of your mod, it gives me a lot of errors, i want to try to make a warcraft mod
    i had an unexpectedly busy weekend so not as of yet unfortunately. im not sure if ill have the time before my exams (which are the 9th and 10th next month) after that im Free to Mod :D
    Hey Ahri :) been a while since we been online at the same time haha.

    And yeh, i do intend to still help with the mod (artwork and probably spells ;) ), just prefferably not in the lead role. im not one for leadership.
    He's around a little, but has lost a lot of his enthusiasm for modding; it become a chore rather than a hobby, so he cut back. I think he's still intending to help out with artwork and maybe a few other things like the spell system.
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