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  • You need to get back into MyBrute, DS. I've outlevelled you a lot. We need to revive it - I need pupils!
    NESing has lurched from one short lived NES to another.. and tbh I cannot recommend anything atm!

    I really should read up on yours, but I am pretty short on time!
    If you want to get into all those serious NESser backstabbery, stat reading, and nation ruling, ImmacuNES might be the one for you.
    Please do.

    Also, change profile pic? We're on III now :)

    Also Also; Still got your MyBrute? I'm 20-something now :)
    Hello again!

    I am doing very well! I was snowed in for a week. Dragged off in a plane to Europe for 4 days and suffered several psychological shocks while I was trapped in a traffic for 1 hour and 30 minute just yesterday, and given a lab anda an outline due friday. But otherwise I am perfectly fine.

    Anyways I think you should join Eko NES as a group B player.
    Hey man, good to hear from you again :)

    I'm doing good - because I have vacation! But school's getting on my nerves otherwise.
    You have some catching up to do in MyBrute, mate. I think I'm 18 now ;)
    heya :) im alive again as well. i just started modding again after what feels like ages and i feel really guilty about it haha. how you?
    Waiting for your input on your character so that I don't need to make changes :p
    No, please PM me. I'm busy with some homework and other stuff. Last thing I need is sitting on MSN for hours -_-
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