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  • no, I mean the Carthaginian Air Force, assuming carthage lasts into the Modern Age in your game!
    thats indeed funny, have you Uploaded it somewhere yet? so i could kinda "steal" you some ideas.
    There are so many questions all about those years, like im not quite sure about Ukraines role in the early years of Soviet Russia and the whole "eastern bloc" or if Egypt is still under full controll of Britain and the relationships between Ireland and Britain and if Ireland "southern part" actually was independent (City State) and much much more ;D
    hey aob, im currently working on converting my 1885 Scenario into a 1920 Scenario and since you said Quote:"i have an interest in history and i like scenarios to be VERY accurate. i spot things no one else ever does trust me" it would be great if you could help me with several things about historical correctness, mostly about smaller wars revolutions, relationships etc. at the years 1918-1925~
    I truly appreciate your historical input for the scenario.
    Don't hesitate to contact me.
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