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  • Hello, just wanted to mention that the "New Holy Site Worship Building" on your Analyst website for the Rise and Fall expansion is actually the Dar-e Mehr introduced in the Fall 2017 update.
    I have no idea how to start this, but I'll start with the fact that your site is great, and that it is very useful for pre-release information, and I would like to contribute something, the complete list of Social Policies (from Marbozir's video), already coded.
    I would post it here, but it's very long, and unfortunately, it seems neither spoilers or PMs work here. Also, character limit.
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    I missed this somehow; not used to the new forums. I wish I'd seen it before I went through Marbozir's civics video and made the list myself. :D
    Founder Belief (Continued)

    Holy Order-F1-Missionaries and Apostles are 30% cheaper to Purchase
    Itinerant Preachers-F2-Religion spreads to cities 30% further away
    Crusade-F3-Cmbt units gain +10 Cmbt Str near foreign cities that follow this Religion
    Missionary Zeal-F4-Religious units ignore movement costs of terrain and features
    Monastic Isolation-F5-Your Religion's pressure never drops due to losses in Theological Combat
    Scripture-F6-Religious spread from adjacent city pressure is 25% stronger. Boosted to 50% once Printing Press is researched

    I hope that this information might help. I wasn't positive on what all of the icons were and I know there were a lot more from the scroll bar.
    Founder Belief
    Church Property-F0-Gold +2 for each following this Religion
    Lay Ministry-F1-Each Holy Site or Theater Square dist in a city following this Religion provides +1 Faith or +1 Cult respectively
    Papal Primacy-F2-Bonus from CS following your Religion 50% more powerful
    Pilgrimage-F3-Faith +2 for every city following this Religion in other civs
    Stewardship-F4-Each Campus or Commercial Hub dist in a city following this Religion provides +1 Sci or +1 Gold respectively
    Tithe-F5-Gold +1 for every 4 followers of this Religion
    World Church-F6-Culture +1 for every 5 followers of this Religion in other Civs
    Defender of the Faith-F0-Cmbt units gain +10 Cmbt Str near friendly cities that follow this Religion
    Follower Belief
    Divine Inspiration-f0-All world wonders provide +4 Faith
    Feed the World-f1-Shrines and Temples provide Food = to their intrinisic Faith output
    Jesuit Education-f2-May purchase Campus and Theater Square district buildings with Faith
    Reliquaries -f3-Relics have 3X yield of both Faith and Tourism
    Religious Community-f4-Shrines and Temples each provide +1 Housing
    Work Ethic-f5-Prod +1 for each follower
    Zen Meditation-f6-Amenity +1 in cities with 2 specialty districts

    Worship Belief
    Cathedral-W0-Allows contruction of Gurdwara (+3 Faith; +2 Food)
    Gurdwara-W1-Allows contruction of Durdwara (+3 Faith; +2 Food)
    Meeting House-W2-Allows contruction of Meeting House (+3 Faith; +2 Prod)
    Mosque-W3-Allows contruction of Mosques (+3 Faith); Missionaries and Apostles +1 Spread
    Pagoda-W4-Allows contruction of Pagoda (+3 Faith; +1 Housing)
    Synagogue -W5-Allows contruction of Synagogues (+5 Faith)
    Wat-W6-Allows contruction of Wats (+3 Faith; +2 Sci)
    Hey... I know that there was a lot of information released over the past couple of days and I wanted to thank you for your hard work at parsing together all of the information. Myself, I went through the Dev livestream video and came up with the following information if you haven't already gotten it yet:

    Religion Icons

    Divine Spark P5 Great Person Point +1 from Holy Site (Prophet), Campus (Scientist), and Theater Square (Writer) districts

    Hey Arioch! This is the millenium info regarding Brazil: (it came out at the same time as the video, which shows they must have inside info):

    Millenium gives the following details that the video doesn´t provide:

    Amazone (Civ Special Ability): the bonuses to district for being adjacent to unimproved jungle tiles is apparently limited to: the campus, the holy site, the carnival district and the comercial hub. Having jungles being adjacent to the city center offers housing bonuses

    Magnanimous (Leader Ability): it is a 20% recoup

    Minas Gerares (UU): the reason for Brazil having a special battleship is that they were one of the first civs in the world to build battleships, thay had battleships before France for instance.

    (Carnival District: nothing new)
    I don´t know where they get the info from, the videos are in english, maybe 2K France?... I know they take part in the press releases and the website is serious, I think we can trust them
    Hey Arioch,

    I posted this, wanted you to see it, hope you find it interesting, take care!

    1) Chateaux not only grant culture and extra bonuses for being near wonders, but gold for being placed next to a luxury resource as well

    2) The toursim bonus for wonders is worth twice the normal amount of tourism points civs normally receive per wonder

    3) It says that the Garde Impériale´s combat bonus on the French home continent is, and I quote, "very significant" making them "unequalled" in the Renaissance and Industrial era

    1) Normal Eureka and Inspiration bonuses are worth 50% per tech and civic. China gets a 10% bonus, pushing it up to 60%

    2) Each builder charge that the chinese use can speed up the production of ancient and classical era wonders by 15% (doesn´t say how many charges can be sacrificed per Wonder though, or even if there is a limit at all)
    Hey Arioch! Thanks so much for your site, it´s very good.

    - I don´t know if you saw, 1.15 in France First Look video, it appears there is silver (or gems) shining east (and south) of the chinese city

    - Also, your webpage for civ 6 is missing the info on the different types of barbarian camps given in the dev commentary video (minute 26)

    That´s it, above all I wanted to thank you for gathering all that info and putting it together so comprehesively, and encourage you to keep going
    Hi! for civ6, the Pyramids - all builders gain an extra charge.
    afaik, the Great Wall is China's UA (or UTI) - it is build tile by tile by builders on the cultural border tiles.
    Arioch, I just want correct a information in your website:the Brazilian Unique Improvement is Brasil Wood Camp, which is the literal translation of "campo de Pau-Brasil". Pau-Brasil was the basis of the economy on the beginning of colonization. Was the basis of the economy and it was so important that the country gained its name. Sorry by the History lesson and by my horrible english.
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