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  • Sorry, I use tapatalk a lot and did not notice the VM (Tapatalk does not do user groups or VMs).. I file my taxes as a "self-employed remodeling consultant" but that is an incidental hobby. I work with volunteer organizations of low-income working people, along with organizations of attorneys, doctors and others in order to advocate for permanent solutions to poverty (like jobs, lowering utility rates, etc.) It is all-volunteer, I have never been paid and these organizations are independent from the government.

    Being a "Red" is a political description, not a job description. I work 11 - 14 hours a day, 7 days a week because I am a Marxist-Leninist, and you have to be actively and materially providing hope for people or else you are just another "leftist" advocate and not an organizer.

    Hope that helps. I have posted links to some of the affiliated organizations in ask a red IV, but we generally stay off the web. Our detractors, however, are all over the web.
    Random question that I don't remember the answer to: Do you actually speak K'iche?
    Tabbel with a capital T, right? If so, I added you. Chat me up when you are on sometime.
    Yessir I do. Want to play some time? I have BNW.

    Also in case you saw the thread where I talked about Cahokia (too lazy to find it at the moment but I know you were active in it when I was) I know Cahokia is not part of Iriquois territory. I literally lived 15 minutes from the Cahokia mounds for 7 years and I've been there. I was just mistaken in that I thought that the devs put the city of Cahokia in the Iriquois civ just to round it out. I knew I had seen it in the game, but it turns out it's a city state.

    It should be a civ though, as should the Inuit, IMO. The Cahokia mounds are pretty neat if you ever get a chance to head to St. Louis.
    It doesn't hold any particular significance, I just think it looks cool. Have you seen the movie Sin City?
    :lol:, that pretty much sums it up. I set him as my avatar because of that, and because I could :p
    Thank you! It became official around the 1st of July. I'll be a Junior Moderator for 6 months, at which time I'll either be booted back to normal poster or approved as a Moderator. I'm not able to devote full attention to things this month, so you won't see much of me in a Mod capacity until August.

    I sincerely hope this change will only mean that I have housecleaning duties, and that I'm free to eat and play with the rest of the family just like always.
    Hahaha you're so funny! Just lemme dig up one of Drogba holding the Champions League in Bavaria.
    In a few hours it's time for you to select a new avatar for my next two weeks, if you so like.
    Ah, okay. I did know about that. It can't conclusively prove Sweden is the least popular since I know there are players who don't finish games, but you are right that there is bound to be a strong correlation.

    I appreciate you getting back to me.
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