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  • Thank you, will keep an eye out for it & look into it later. Working on an index for the site right now that is taking some time to put together so I know whats done and where to find it.
    >> Is your Apatosaurus resource playable in Civ IV Beyond the Sword or will it have to be played in Civ III?

    The Apatosaurus Ress. and Unit are for Civ-III. Civ-IV uses a radically different engine and doesn't support 2D sprites.

    >> Does it load and play automatically or does it need to be loaded in a mod downloaded of this web site? If so which mod or scenario will it be found in?

    They need to be implemented in a mod. There is at least one mod that'll use them and that'll be released to the public : The Lost World from the Steampunk team. You can follow the progress in the Projects CivIII subforum

    Thanks for the comment ! You might find that I'll answer quickly if you post in the main thread rather in my personnal page comments.
    Yes it did help. Was able to open and now have it catalogued. It will appear in the index I'm working on and plan to post when done with it.
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