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  • Hello Aymerick, I love the Plantation Economy Mod, but I'm having trouble combining it with a different mod I use. What I want to do is merge your mod with KJ Jansson's "Slavery Market. The Orient. Port Royal." Mod
    You said somewhere that you were going to make a tutorial for people to merge the mod with others on their own, but I did not find it. I would very much appreciate it if you could either explain to me (as if I was a 6 year old) how to merge the two, or if you could just provide a download with both mods together.
    Jansson's mod features 3 more screens that act the same as the Europe screen, I don't feel that it's necessary to add all the new resources to all the screens, I only want them for Europe. The other issue is "Slave Market" mod's inclusion of the slave unit, I plan to have slave production of indigo, coffee, etc. the same as their production of sugar, tobacco, etc. Any help or guidance will be immensely appreciated, Thank You :)

    I wanted to thank you for some good MOD's.

    I've been doing some unsolicited help on the new "Westward Ho" MOD, but I don't think TC01 thinks my thoughts are very good. I would be very appreciative of your thoughts on my additions. Perhaps you could help him implement them? I know he wants to change some yield information, which I know you have extensive work in. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=329909&page=2

    Just a thought. Keep up the great work.

    Master Akura
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