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    * Decisions are implemented. Each has a short and long term impact.
    * Events flow from Decisions. e.g. "natural disasters” like tornadoes, floods and mass shootings.
    * World congress changes to (a) happen on demand and (b) move towards forming alliances to get things done
    Happy to provide more detail off-line.
    Hi Stephen,
    I love Earth 2014 and wish to use it as the base for a mod I am planning. I want to ask your permission as the topic will be "America under Trump.
    The basic ideas are:
    * Starts in January 2017
    * Turns are 1 week, max 8 years
    * Player must be Trump
    * All (most) victory modes are disabled
    * Winning dependent on Approval rating over 48% at 2020 or 2024 elections
    Hi - I saw you are working on an Earth 2018 Mod for Civ 6 which is very exciting! Eager to see how this is progressing? and whether i could help at all? I was a big fan of both Earth 2010 and 2014 :)
    I already have an idea for my next scenario, but when I finish that I will be open to suggestions about what to do next.
    I'm working on a historical scenario for the industrial era that I hope will be done before the end of February. But that's all the info you'll be able to pry out of me at the moment. :p
    Much respect and appreciation for your quality mods. Thank you. Have posted some random ideas while playing and trying out your 2010 mod.

    What you working on next?
    I posted a new reply in your 2010 thread. I know I may sound like a broken record in it, but I just thought I'd give you more ideas.
    Yes, but since I'm updating Earth 2010 and there is, of course, always real life to attend to, I probably won't get a new scenario out for a while. I have, however, started working on a new one (or more accurately, an old one), so we'll see how long that takes...
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