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Jan 12, 2004
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    1. Proteanswizz
      Hi, noob to the forum and mods in general. I added info addict and EUI, but there was a problem in that the ability to purchase tiles with gold was unavailable in the city screen. Any thoughts? Also is this right place to say this? Or is there a PM on here I'm not seeing? Anyway, thanks!
    2. ozolos
      Hey! I love your work on EUI for Civ5. It's absolutely essential for the serious player. I’d love to help with Civ6 EUI.

      A bit about me: I'm a UI/UX Designer at an App dev company. I also can do some programming; Lua doesn't look too complicated. I've been playing Civ since II and would consider myself an experienced player.

      Civ6 is awesome, but the UI needs some love. I can give up to 10 hours a week.
    3. originalMagoo
      Hi there! I started using your UI mod for Civ 5 after seeing it used on Filthy Robot's Youtube channel and I love it (can never go back, actually).

      But then I picked up Civ 6 and was actually kind of disappointed with the UI/general readability of the game. I

      So my question is: do you plan on doing UI mods for Civ 6? If so, I'd love to help out w/programming or whatever!
      Let me know, thanks!

    4. balparmak
      Hey there, great work on eui. would it be possible to include whoward's condensed promotions as default? it is not compatible with latest eui.imho it suits the aims&features of the mod pretty well.
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      2. poundjd
        Jan 7, 2017
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