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    Post your AI benchmark score

    CPU : i3 9100 RAM : 16G GPU : GTX 970 AI : 8.15s GS AI : 53.46s Avg graphic : 18ms (DX12 : 21ms) GS Avg graphic : 33ms (DX12 : 28ms) funny how DX12 FPS is better with GS o_O
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    Post your AI benchmark score

    Hi all, this thread is very usefull. I was wondering if i needed to upgrade my computer then i saw your benchmarks and i changed my mind and will keep my comp and upgrade later. Here is my conf : i5 3470, GTX 970, 8Gig of RAM and an SSD drive of course Graphic ultra : frame rate : 20ms (that's...
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    TSG103 Opening Actions

    Hello I am back at civ 5 (a bit deceive by BE) so i decided to try this gotm to see if i am not too rusty ;) I settled in place and started a 4 city tradition start. Everything was ok (4 cities healthy, lots of gold trade agreements, friend with almost all earth bazaar in each city, CB in...
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    bowmen overpowered?

    here is the strat i tried some days ago on a pangea map/marathon speed/normal size with babylon civ and allowed me to win easily on emperor then immortal and now deity o_O (whereas i have much difficulty to win immortal usualy) build order : 1 worker then pump out bowmen + keep money to buy...
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    i really miss replay and powergraph

    how disapointed i was when i finished my first game :( on civ1 to 4 i could pass hours to see and analyse game replays and powergraphs and i can't see even one of these in civ V :mad: is there a chance they will be added in a future patch or mod or i have to forget them forever? this...
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    Immortal OCC Challenge

    lol 34Mins nice one edit : sorry, spoilers are in
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    Deity cookbook I: Gilgamesh from Sumeria

    Obsolete > i have some questions about your warring strat. Usualy i beeline rifle and upgrade like 10 CR2 mace to rifle + 10-20 built/draft rifles and use spy and/or trebs to cut defense. Works pretty well (thx snaaty for this strat ;))but i see in your report you are teching to mil trad and use...
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    Immortal Cookbook III: Saladin of Arabia

    You meant 1AD save
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    Big and Small

    browsing boards i realized "terra" maps are even less used I plan of doing a gigantic game (marathon speed on a huge map) and i don't know yet what kind of map to generate, big and small has my preference but terra could do also with the "real history taste" and colonization and all. But i...
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    Big and Small

    i don't see much fans of those type of maps around the boards (on report, cookbooks, challenges etc) Do you know why?
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    Deity cookbook I: Gilgamesh from Sumeria

    first drafting is 1 pop with rifle (2 with infantry and 3 with mech inf) second you don't need Globe to be used in an efficient way The way i usually use it : as soon as i get rifle i switch at the start of a GA into nation and start drafting 1 rifle in each city (-1 pop and +3 :mad: for 10...
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    Broken Star

    i thought sincerely the game was won but i played again yesterday more 4-5 turns and even if i took a 9th rebel city they attacked my 8th city the same turn with a ****load of units and took it back (protected by like 10 mech inf !!) So maybe the rebel won't be so easily defeated, they have...
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    Role Play Challenge: Stagnation!

    omg build the great lighthouse asap! and like 10 workers... before even thinking of settling new cities
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