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  • I am playing emperor as Suleiman my question is why landed elite as you do not get a temple unless you have researched philosophy. What would be a better sp
    I agree with u on many things, i love your u tube videos! I also like how u defended civ 5 i addmired t when was a lurker at the forums. However you got mad at me with my agreeable pariniod post about propaganda.
    Dude your utube's are great! I sat for 2 hours watching you build Isa while I could have been playing and enjoyed it better than if I had been playing. Thanks.

    I would like to thank you for all your posts. I agree with most of what you have to say, and I look forward to your posts with much interest (I never have to wait long!).

    Since the first major patch I have managed to win on Deity level, marathon game, (tiny map to save on crashes), allways v 3 opponents on Archipelago, no mods, playing as England (5 cities), France (7cities), and India (3 Cities). Each time I won a Diplomatic victory.

    I have posted this to you because from what I have read this backs up alot of what you have been saying.

    I have kept some of my saved games at the point of victory, but have no idea how to post them. Maybe you could tell me how to post them to you, I think you might be very suprised by what you see.

    I am loving your posts/conflicts on the subject of the new patch lol.

    Kind regards

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