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  • Back again. Appreciate your concern, was busy on a lot of other stuff tho, inc moving house. Slowly moving back to net/gameplaying...
    I really wouldn't bother debating Islam with Kochman. You won't get anywhere at all.
    That was a long time ago when I was dealing with Commando. As you can see, those post are a few months old, but are still their due to the inactivity of the Rev forum. I take it you play Civ Rev?
    Nice one. Why not just hit the report button on something that actually offends you rather than simply saying a thread "might" and getting it locked.. way to go!
    I'm not ignoring you, I wasn't here. I will send you orders, but I don't have Civ 5 and an anarchy game on deity is probably not going to get very far. Nicol Bolas is a Magic Card.
    Hello again - what do you means transcripts of the leaders and what they say? Do you mean translations of what they say on their diplomacy screen? There's a guy who has already/ is still in the process of doing that right now. Just wondering exactly what you meant... otherwise, hope all is well.
    I just wanted to know things about Islam, I came to you because even though there are other Muslims here, many do not take the Quran litteraly, so that's why I ask you.
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