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  • Hey Bigfoot,

    Seeing as how Civ5 is going to be a Steamworks game, and the lack of activity from Bigfoot (he hasn't been online since February) we (the other CFC steam users in All Other Games) would like to have more admins added to the group to add people to the list and possibly make it an open group instead of invite only for the Civ5 release (under discussion).


    Really? Odd. I don't think I been acting "that" weird. How d'you two mean?
    I will!

    I am going to see about using the computer in the visitor room of my mom's house in the *mean time.

    *I feel like I am using the wrong spelling here ....
    As it turns out the mic jack on my soundcard is jacked up :(

    I'll be getting a new one ASAP.
    Hey, Bigfoot, can you gimme a rundown of who you consider to be "good guys" pl0x
    So I have my poor quality audio sample ready, what do I do to show it to you so you can diagnose it brotha?
    The secret is to use their walls to talk to other people so they feel compelled to answer on yours!

    It doesn't fail...most of the time
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