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May 5, 2020
Jun 12, 2014
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Nightrunner, from Where the shadows dwell

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May 5, 2020
    1. Blaze Injun
      Blaze Injun
      Need to shrink that photo. Good story.
    2. Grandkhan
      Yep that was the plan :)
    3. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      (I couldn't send you a PM, you seem to have reached your limit)

      In response to your question:

      IP and EP together are required for military construction. EP is all that is necessary to undertake projects or programs. Holding a certain amount of IP in the bank will increase your EP per turn (income), but I won't disclose how much IP you need banked, you'll have to experiment.

      You may spend all of your incoming EP (EP per turn) during the turn you expect to earn it.

      I look forward to your orders. :)
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    Luck in the shadows.