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  • New Signups are always welcome. If you can give me a landing spot, you'll be in by tomorrow :)
    Sorry, that wasn't exactly clear to me from your stories. Going forward you can definitely pursue that policy however.
    Well the teeth thing was really done by some Aztec women. So I was thinking more Indian. But with your dusky/sulty maybe a cross between Indian/Turkish/Arabic. Sinopheim I envisioned as closer to American Colonies except nobles & rich landless families own great Plantations & Industries. The races were very fiendly & inter-marriaged. The women especially were wanted as wives. They are intelligent, smart & independent. They were true partners for life. The kind that would put a knife in her husbands friend if the action called for it. Sinopheim was found just over 3 generations ago. Sinopheims view of the Fatherland is that of a young son on the edge of standing alone. It could support its self. Helz its open any details would be wonderful.
    I think that's a great idea, and I can definitely go with that. What vague cultural equivalent (if any) would Sinopheim be? I personally had a vaguely Moorish/Arabic thing in mind but I never went into detail on that so I wouldn't have an issue with anything else.
    Yes, Switzerland, Nepal and Bhutan are unplayable. You can try to attack them, though ultimately you'll probably be hurt more than them.
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