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  • Sonereal said:

    If Caesar can show humility and post an honest-to-God public apology for the way he behaved in ValkIOT, then I'll forgive him and let him play in my IOTs (can't speak for Nedim).
    I was told by a source that I cannot name that if you apoligize for what you said and the way they acted that they will de-blacklist you.
    Hey! I saw that you aborted you Civil War IOT. Why not look around at some of the defunct rulesets? With modification, they might fit what you want. I am willing to help.
    Imperium Offtopicum: Valkyrie

    Hi. I am Greece in the game. Since you are Portugal, declare war on Spain. Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia and Britain have declared war on Spain, so it is a chance for you to take some land.

    If you join the war, attack the Spanish mainland. The Spanish colonies will become Greek.
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