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  • "Leave the bar. Begin going around the streets and talking to people about their situation, evaluating the mood within the city." is what I got from Dot80, appearently you sent it to him only haha. I'll process it now
    That's odd, I didn't seem to have any orders registered, and I couldn't find a PM with the orders... are you sure you sent them?
    It will make for interesting discussions as to the origins of the title (false friends, or adulterated form of Basat)
    Any man with half a brain can determine where the title originated from ;). Either way the fact the title is not identical is probably why they will be only slightly miffed, rather than outraged. [the misperceptions and terminological errors of barbarians {the original natives prior to the Senari ships} can be excused]
    Senartis has no reason to destroy its long lost brethren at the moment. Although they are probably slightly miffed by the hubris of Metarak naming their leader Basat (the difference between the Basat and a Leve [plural Leves] is that the Basat is a unique priest-king figure , the divine medium between the Senari (and perhaps mankind in general via ethnocentrism) and the One, as compared to a tribal chief, ie a prince or military ruler ipso modo the other Kalasian civs).
    I could give you a document with details on some administrative stuff I did, and an excel sheet where I ran empire info and player info if you like
    Hey! sorry for the delayed response, do you still need anything of the behind the scenes? what do you want to know specifically? good luck with your game, every time I log in I want to join games and do the next GaP, hopefully by the end of this semester I can be active once again!
    Spanish is also a major international language, official and predominant in countries across three continents, and last time I checked with more native speakers than English. :p
    No language is easier or more difficult to learn in any manner. You always have to go out of your way to do it. :p
    Well, look at me. I'm proof you can immerse and master a language without setting foot on a country in which is is predominant. :p
    "Ojalá que, porque del hecho que tengo mas años, soy un poco más intelegente y menos loco."
    >Ojalá que, por el hecho de tener más años, sea un poco más inteligente y menos loco.

    That would be strictly correct, though it would sound odd to me. :p
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