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  • I don't know his 10 Kesh are awesome. I didn't realize his strength. Sometimes I don't pay close enough attention to the info available. He probably sent a request to all my neighbors. Tough decisions with us all having 3 civs in various locations. Handle him I shall though but I'm short on spears at the moment. He'll take that one city and then be stalled. He does have a cat or 2. With no help he'll eventually get beaten as his location stinks. I try to play my civs individually but always keeping in mind the overall who owns who. My FredBolt attacked Victoria earlier and took a city that was a danger.
    I did stay back from your recent city build when I built mine to give us both room. We could work together on this continent as my civs are on either side of you. Perhaps you keep Augie of France out of this or deal with him. I could help there if needed as I build spears to kill Keshiks?
    Any thoughts?
    Greetings friend & neighbor in "Civ Fix" PBEM.
    Sinimusa the Mongolian has asked my Babys to join in his attack on your Egypt.
    This, rite after killing my exploring chariot w/o warning(!) just because he cut a road in between U 2.
    I havn't answered other than to say we are friends & have an informal non-agres pact due to your sharing gold with us. I have room to grow N + am busy up there taking a barb city.

    What are your thots about this & our borders?
    Can U handle his Keshiks & such?
    Yes, RTO for about 5 months in the boonies, I had my antennae shot off once, and 7 months training Ruff Puffs how to go on ambush and protect their village. I was a naive young man volunteered because I believed the gov was truthful almost made a career of it but my TOP at the time kept me on a string as an acting jack and only offered me 5 if I re-upped; I returned home more left than right. With age I became jaded with the system and moved to the center, I'm more pragmatic now...all politicians lie, even the good ones.
    You did have a much different experience. I heard tales of I Corps and AnLoc. Me, at the 90th replacement battalion waiting for where I was going, standing guard in a bunker with remfs telling the fng tales. Like I said before I don't even notice when I get a PM. Email me if you want a quick answer. chasbolt3 at mail.com
    Thx 4 reply & info. Assume U earned a CIB. RTO(!), U were a priority target out in the bush.
    True regarding tours, however...way different "wars". I fought well-supplied regular NVA both up N in Corp I & AnLoc in Corp III. Very few Vietcong hit & run stuff.

    Besides now they all joined as a career choice, not as we did in the draft (or threat of draft) army days.

    Happy Holidays as only we can appreciate.

    We can connect further "outside".
    Welcome home! :salute:
    199th, huh? What year(s)? Combat vet, ugh, what MOS?

    For me: 1st Bgd, 5th Mech; DMZ, Jul68-Apr89, 11e(tank commander). 2nd Bgd, 1st Inf; Cambodian border, 11b(squad leader), Apr-Jul69.

    Interesting web site & words. Mostly agree (wars should prevented, not "won").

    Rosicrucian since`72, Rotarian since`12

    Peace & power to You! :thanx:
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