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  • It's at her wishes. I don't want to say why, since it's not really my business to say.
    Yeah, I do :) But we're keeping it a secret.

    I like her :D We started off as friends, then went to best friends and now we're a couple. She's a really cool girl. She's smart, ambitious, creative, compassionate, funny, cute and she knows me like the back of her hand :D I dare say I love her.

    Well, as a friend to a friend, you didn't look old at all in the member's photo thread. I do not understand your self-conciousness :lol:
    Okay, dramatic is the wrong word. I change it to... hasty? 8 weeks sounds a little rushed...
    Well, it certainly sounds more dramatic than mine. Do you know your half-siblings?
    My dad, although being Eritrean, lived in Addis Abbeba, the Ethiopian capital. He was deported for being Eritrean and he managed to get to Sweden.

    My mother lived in Asmara in the middle of the chaos. She managed to flee to Sudan and then to Sweden.

    They both met in Sweden :) So yeah, they left because of that war.

    edit: My dad said he came here when he was 17, and my mother said she came here when she was 16, so around 1985.
    Right now I'm in 9th grade. It's not until next year that we start branching off into different programmes: Social sciences, Natural sciences, Aesthetics, etc. I'm taking the Natural sciences programme, specialisation Natural sciences (there's Astronomy and Maths/data as well). I'm going to become a doctor so I need to take that one.

    I'm from Sweden. I've grown up here and lived here all my life. My parents, though, are from Eritrea.
    Well, unless I'm suddenly your friend who's closer than most others on this forum, is there really any point in PMing you?
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