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  • Sorry, but does that mean all posts through #1330 are okay, or that it should have stopped after #1310
    Could you do me a massive favour and advertise my game on the org? I ideally still need four more players from somewhere. I have an account on that site but I've forgotten my log in details and can't get on :crazyeye:
    Wow it is quite exhausting having to literally head hunt for players! How on earth did you manage 50 odd at the org?!
    I hope the game was significantly interesting for you (up until the Revanchist wipe-out of course), despite your looking at the playtest document over a year ago!
    Hey dude, I'm wondering for my statisticcs thread: In your Dinner Party Mafia Game, how do I count who did and didn't survive with the different levels of "Dead" there were?
    I don't remember exactly, but you were railing against crony capitalism and worthless plutocrats.
    You sir, are both a scholar and a gentlemen.

    I was once crowned "the best poster with under 1,000 post". I now pass that title on to you sir.
    Do you know why hardly any orgahs play on CFC anymore? Is there a particular reason?
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