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  • Apologies for the lateness in orders: will set complete when I return home this afternoon.
    Does it feel good when you stop banging your head against the wall? ;)
    Haha, hi. A little bit. xD I'm on vacation in Sweden at the moment so am not going to dig myself into the thread for a while. Definitely a lost cause at this point. I want to just sit down on cafes and relax with my girlfriend without worrying about anything but the cold, and that's what I'm getting. Hope you, too, can find a place where you don't have to encounter this nonsense.
    When are orders due for?
    Hello! Orders are due Thursday, 3 pm, GMT +1. :)
    Really excited by the madness going on in the thread already. Keep up the good work!
    1) Okay that should teach me to pay more attention to stuff. Sorry. Um, I didn't actually listen to it, in all honesty. Was a bit busy. Err.. Ahem.

    2) I'll be honest. I have no idea. My schedule's dicked, and it'll be even worse when school begins in a week.
    Sorry man, I've been really busy with uni stuff, getting to know Aberdeen and the like
    Sorry not having a good day.

    Just have my guy train for the month.
    Hey, it's me, Tolni, ur GM, spamming ur VMs. Anyways, re: your poem. I'm planning to use it in the update. I just need two things:

    1) Can you give me the full text in PMs?

    2) If you don't mind, can I host the mp3 file you sent me on soundcloud so that everyone can hear you recite it?

    Finally. Thanks for doing this for our game and we hope you continue your contribution to it.
    Hey, man. What's up? I've got three things for ya

    1) good luck with your situation, dude

    2) OK, so, this probably is the least of your worries, but will you be able to be present this PF session?

    3) Finally. Right now I'm writing your quest for dungeneoring and I'm planning to write it from First Person as I don't really see any other way - in any case, how do you think your character would behave and all?
    How many actions are we allowed to take per turn? Since one fight is one week and orders are done on a monthly basis, we have four actions to take per order?
    Well, everyone gets a free starting technology depending on their background. If it doesn't matter that much to you, you don't need it, it's probably preferable though.
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