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  • Hi embryodead! How can I add 11 (or 7 if I don't expand the map further) civs to SoI?

    They are
    Saffarids - spawn at Zaranj in 861
    Kara Koyunlu - spawn at Tabriz in 1375
    Jalayrids - spawn in Hamadan in 1335 (dependent on unstable or collapsed Ilkhanate, and unstable or collapsed Abbasids
    Muzzafarids - spawn in Esfahan in 1314
    Kartids - spawn in Herat in 1244
    Shirvanshah - spawn in Qazvin in 799
    Axum/Ethiopia* - spawn in Axum at start (750)
    Serbia* - spawn in Stari Ras in 1101
    Bulgaria* - spawn in Pliska at start (750)
    Crimean Khanate* - spawn in Bakhchiseray in 1441
    Ilkhanate - spawn in Maragha in 1256

    *-only if I expand the map North and South
    It's not RARed, it's ZIPped and unpacks perfectly fine. Tested twice, no errors. Make sure you have an up-to-date program to handle zipped files.
    Name of the mod folder should be plain "Sengoku", not "sengoku-mod". If you have more questions it may be best to use PMs (private messages).
    Hi embryodead, thank you for the link!
    But when I try to load the mod it crash with a black screen and with a "ding" sound of error.

    I have a regular copy of BTS patched to the 3.19 patch and I have installed the "sengoku-mod" folder in the path Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods

    I have done something wrong? :confused:
    Shahrazad, you bet! :) It'll be available in late August / early September. You can actually get the beta version from here, by choosing "download GNU tarball". You'd have to unpack it and install manually though, or wait for the proper version with installer.
    Hi embryodead,

    I have seen your pictures of the sengoku-mod for CIV4 BTS... I think that mod is the ultimate mod about the feudal Japan I've always dreamed of playing <3

    Where or when can I download it? I can not wait! :'(
    They do come with both KFM & NIF files. Please read "CamelGunners_ReadMe.txt" which is included in the zip, it includes ready-to-use ArtDefines XML entries with proper parths to KFMs & NIFs.
    hey embryodead,

    why do the camel gunners in your reskin shop not come with kfm and FX.nif files? I tried using tem and they just floated? pls help!
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