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  • Nope, that's admin work, because it would require a subforum, and hey, it's quite a bit too early for that ;).
    a) open a thread
    b) no idea about the calendars
    c) static leaderheads are just plain .dds images. If you know how to make a button or a flag (and we have tutorials for it), then you can easily make a LH. Take e.g. a look at the LHs in the mesoamerica mod
    d) open a thread ;).
    Nope ;). But there are people here who do -> if you have a question, then open a thread ;).
    I think every mod who added more UUs also added other stuff, but i don't have the full overview, so :dunno:.
    Technologies\TechInfos.xml for the techs, the Units\UnitInfos.xml because they have tech prereqs, same for buildings, and the Events\EventInfos + EventTriggerInfos.xml. Can't think of more.

    And btw, that would really be easier if you opened a thread ;).
    Nope, sorry, AFAIK not.
    You'll have to take all the stuff out, that's better if you make a real mod.
    Multiple defensive pacts are already possible ;).
    For alliances...that's somewhere in the .dll, no idea where.
    If it should be any civ, and not out of 18 preset civs, then a mod is needed (which i made :D ;), see my sig). Else, for earth map with 18 set civs, there should be tons around.
    Was not taken as criticism ;).
    And thank you :).

    And i really just meant that i was supprised about it (just checked, the first map is with an enlarged europe), and really that you can easily add another map. That it's my mod should not prevent anyone from adding their own maps, and they should also know that it's not a complicated thing.

    And again thanks :).
    :hmm: i think there's at least one map with an enlarged europe in the set.
    And else you can easily add your prefered map to the mod ;).
    Would be easier if you opened a thread ;).
    First thing which comes to my mind is, that your BtS installation is probably not updated to 3.19. If you used the autoupdater, then try it again manually, because that thingy doesn't always work correctly.
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