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  • Hello man, I was impressed with your work in Master of Mana MOD!!!

    Can you please continue working or refer someone to continue developing it????
    hi esvath,
    I wanted to thank you for your GREAT WORK !! you made some of the beautifull units of the game, and you've made a great game even greater !!

    I like the LANUN unit grafic, but I couldn't find the art (except for some adepts), could you help me in find the unit art, they are just great for a PIRATE MOD!!

    thank you again for your work for civ4, you are great!
    Glad I can help. I started modding xml, python and reskinning by a lot of trial-and-error too :D
    Thanks! I will follow your instructions. I need to starting learning more about modifying/editing units. You and SaibotLeih are inspiring me. Again thanks for the help.
    Glad you like my reskins. Which "red pulsing effect"? The female arcanists use "blue-licking flame." The ones using "red pulsing effect" are the Blood Witches. Which ones do you refers?

    To turn off any effect, use nifscope to open the file *.nif. If the effect is visible, click it. Otherwise, click the node (a white square, turned yellow on-click) where the effect is placed. For example, the "red pulsing effect" is pulsing at the top of the staff. Click the node at the top of the staff. Find which node titled as "spell" or "scene root". That is the effect node. Set the scale into 0 (zero) and you have turned off the effect. It is easier to do that rather than deleting the effect.

    It might sound complicated but truly, it is easy to do in nifscope. Or, you might want to download SaibotLieh's Amazons. I use some of them as the base of my models.
    I love your female arcanist reskins. Is there a way to 'turn off' the red pulsing effect? I'd like to use the units as an amazon variant but don't know enough about skinning units.
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