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Last Activity:
Mar 16, 2018 at 9:28 PM
Dec 16, 2005
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WM junkie, from Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell

[to_xp]Gekko was last seen:
Mar 16, 2018 at 9:28 PM
    1. Arakhor
      I approve of your location. :)
      1. [to_xp]Gekko likes this.
    2. Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf
      Hmmm yeah, it seems that uploads expire automatically at uploading.com. I can't reupload it right now (probably will be able to in 2-3 days), however, if the only thing you want is tweaking the early religion spread rates, go to Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fall from Heaven 2\Assets\XML\Gameinfo\CIV4ReligionInfo.xml and modify the iSpreadFactor value of each religion there. Setting it to 5-15 would ensure a very humble spread rate, and setting it to 0 would disable the natural spread rate completely.

      Default FFH AI sort of lags at researching late religions, but it eventually will research them.
    3. Valkrionn
      No idea. I know the version that ships with RifE is the most recent.
    4. Askthepizzaguy
      Hello/ :)

      You friend requested me. Did you like a post I made somewhere? If so, which post.
    5. mickyd47
      Have to admit that small room has a charm about it.
    6. mickyd47
      You should leave the starter town and see the rest of Vvardenfell! :D
    7. [to_xp]Gekko
      awesome! can't wait. you put together some wicked good modders dude! :D
    8. Valkrionn
      Entirely complete.
    9. Valkrionn
      Pretty much. Shouldn't be too much longer; Sunday, Wednesday at the latest.
    10. Valkrionn
      This is true. No idea where he's been though...

      I can say, the new project is something you'll greatly enjoy, and won't be hard at all to use for other mods; Just coming out with RifE.
    11. Valkrionn
      Not sure, honestly, though I think he was pretty much done with ErebusContinent; A new project of his will come out with RifE 1.3.
    12. [to_xp]Gekko
    13. UNIT 666
      UNIT 666
      The squiggly line in your eye is a parasite. :(
    14. [to_xp]Gekko
      ahah! hi there buddy :D
    15. dot
      So that's changed for good now. ;)

      Hi, by the way!
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    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
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    " Sheelba does what Charadon't " - Senethro