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  • Re: "German genetics" thing:

    Aren't Germans just Celto-Slavs with Swedo-Jewish ruling class ??? :confused:

    So there should be no such thing as "German genetics". :cool:
    You could have at least told me you didn't want to be my friend instead of ignoring me. Oh well
    I remember you posted "Obama may be mediocre but the GOP make him look awful good."

    Is he just too right for you, is he too left for you but the GOP is even more too far right, or something else?
    daryllawsonCA Obama is the ANTICHRIST....and fulfill the prophecies in Revelation13....Jesus is coming soon

    Do you really believe that out of curiosity? I mean, I may not like the guy and he may be a Kenyan Marxist but to say a man is THE ANTICHRIST is a mighty big proposition. Serious or joke?
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