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Oct 30, 2020 at 11:18 PM
Oct 4, 2004
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Modder, from France

Gedemon was last seen:
Oct 30, 2020 at 11:18 PM
    1. regularkid
      Hey Gedemon. A quick question.
      R.E.D. Mod's turns last 10 days each. Here's what the NewRules.sql says about it "INSERT INTO GameSpeed_Turns (GameSpeedType, MonthIncrement,TurnsPerIncrement) VALUES ('GAMESPEED_STANDARD', '1', '360');
      UPDATE GameSpeeds SET DealDuration = 100". We would like to make it so turns last 15 days. Is there a way to achieve this?
      1. Gedemon
        I've stopped modding civ5 a long time ago, and from your previous question IDK if you're using my old version or the "reloaded", but for calendars I remember that the data is at the start of each scenario lua scripts as the game can't handle thoses directly
        Aug 14, 2020
    2. regularkid
      I figured it out. was in RedUnitsFunction.lua. Thanks again for making a great game.
    3. regularkid
      Hey Gedemon, my friend and I are huge fans of R.E.D. Mod! Has brought us countless hours of fun.

      We'd like to remove Italy's trait of receiving the "Desert Fox" promotion on all units, but can find no mention of it in NewRules.xml, which only mentions the Marenostrum trait.

      Also didn't find anything in the Newunits.xml.

      Do you know where we should we look to remove this "Desert Fox" trait for Italy? Thanks.
    4. Kswizzle
      Hey man, we have started a community on playing your YnAMP for Civilization 5, but are trying to see how to play the Huge Earth Map with around 43 players and True Start Location. How can we play your map in multiplayer?
      Please help thank you!
      Here is discord (if you want to) :
      1. Gedemon
        You can't use WorldBuilders maps in MP with civ5 AFAIK, you'll have to convert it to a mapscript. I can't help with that as I've stopped modding civ5 years ago (because of the MP modding limitations)
        Aug 3, 2020
    5. Damsie_drews
      Hi man. I really love your mods. Can you make a Units rescaling and new formations for the New Frontier Pass? Thank you in advance :)
      1. Gedemon
        I've stopped modding civ6 because you can't change the core gameplay at this time, sorry.
        Jun 13, 2020
    6. Ekderp
      Hi, I'm having difficulties with your mod. All icons and buttons disappear when I enter diplomacy screen. Assets mod says it's not compatible with my civ version. Help? Really like the idea of your mod and really want to try it out. Thanks.
      1. Gedemon
        I've stopped modding civ6 because I need the DLL source to finish that project but Firaxis has no plan to release it like they did for civ4 and 5, sorry
        May 27, 2020
        Ekderp likes this.
    7. sieg_
      Hi Gedemon, I came across your repo Civ5-DLL researching. Is it possible to access the code that initiates a resync in a multiplayer directly? e.g.: can when everyone ends their turn and the loading screen pops up.

      I'm unsure if this is accessible in the given DLLs.

      I did a lot of digging and the closest I could get were the methods ReseatConnectedPlayers and ReseatConnectedPlayer.

      Thank you!
      1. Gedemon
        no idea, sorry, I've stopped modding civ5 years ago.
        May 27, 2020
    8. animesamp
      So there is no updated Ynamp with the gathering storm?
      1. Gedemon
        Mod's fine, problem is on your side, read the installation instructions
        May 13, 2020
    9. animesamp
      I would like to install the map, but I can't find the update for the latest patch. Can you help me please?
      1. Gedemon
        Sorry, I've stopped modding for civ6
        May 13, 2020
    10. Kaan Boztepe
      Kaan Boztepe
      did you check out old world? if they will give full mod access?
      1. Gedemon
        just asked in the subforum, I think it will have full modding capabilities for data and scripting, but IDK about assets (units, buildings) to expand the scope of the game.
        May 11, 2020
    11. Chris Syphus
      Chris Syphus
      Hi The Imperium here just wanted to thank you for your work on Ynamp, love playing on these world maps.
      1. Gedemon
        you're welcome !
        Apr 24, 2020
    12. Babsimov
      1. Gedemon
        no idea, I don't mod for GS
        Apr 5, 2020
      2. Babsimov
        Ok, thanx.
        Apr 17, 2020
    13. Babsimov
    14. derek12345
      I'm trying to find ancient ruins on your YnAEMP giant earth map on Civ 5, but I cant seem to find any. Is this a bug or intended?
      1. Gedemon
        no ideas, I've stopped civ5 years ago.
        Jan 24, 2020
    15. Clarkimedes
      Salut Gedemon! I am working on a Civ V mod and was wondering if I could use your Revolutions code (specifically the reserving city states portion mostly) in my mod. I'm new to the modding scene and wasn't sure what the etiquette is for that sort of thing. I know to give credit, but I was also thinking I should get your permission. Thanks either way, your mod is great and I've learned tons reading through your lua.
      1. Gedemon
        Yes, you can use any parts of my mods as long as you give credit when it seems appropriate, and as long as you do not sell you mod.
        Aug 25, 2019
    16. V. Soma
      V. Soma
      Hi, I use your Combat and Stacking Overhaul mod - and Greek Hoplite and Nubian Pitati don't get range 1 - can you help me to make them so...?
    17. ericdepositar
    18. V. Soma
      V. Soma
      Hello, can you give help on how to use your Autoplay mod with GS?
      Thanks in advance...
      1. Gedemon
        ATM all my modding time goes in updating YnAMP, I'll have a look later.
        Mar 2, 2019
    19. nigum
      hello Gedemon, sup dude?

      Dude, could you help me understading what I need to do to fix the "Culture Relations" bug on my civ5? I would like to use Revolutions and Cultural Diffusion, but always when I use it, that "Culture Relations" appear in my screen.

      Thank you.
      1. Gedemon
        Sorry, can't help with civ5 modding, I've stopped a few years ago.
        Mar 2, 2019
    20. PZL11
      Well, I have mention here Michael Wittmann. One of the reasons he was so effective in slow Tiger was that he had experience form assault guns, when he had to aim by maneuvering the unit. Jumping into Tiger he implemented this - gunner and driver were working together to have target locked onto sight. I know, it is too much:)
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