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    New Administator: Plotinus.

    They say the best way to hide a topic on an online forum is to sticky it. That must be true for Notices as well because I just noticed the Notice about Plotinus today. Congratulations on your promotion, Plotinus. :cheers:
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    Civ 4 complete or Civ 5

    Welcome to the Civilization Fanatics Forums, cav57. I would go with Civilization IV: The Complete Edition. You can get it pretty cheap now (GamersGate sells it for $24.95) and you shouldn't have any problem getting it to play on your laptop.
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    Dislike the direction CIV5 is taking? Tell us how you'd do it!

    The less complex a game is the easier it is to learn how to play it. A game doesn't have to be complex to be a lot of fun. And make Steam optional instead of mandatory.
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    What to do with Idle Workers

    When I have done all I can with my workers, I divide them up between my cities. They sleep there until they are needed, usually when it's time to build railroads or rebuild something that has been destroyed.
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    Jon Shafer joins Stardock to work on elemental

    I have no idea what Jon did to be credited with those games. I wasn't even aware he was credited with all of them until I read about it at MobyGames. :dunno:
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    Jon Shafer joins Stardock to work on elemental

    I don't envy Jon going to work on Elemental. If only he could make it the spiritual successor to Master of Magic that it was originally intended to be, I would be pleased as punch. And for those who think Jon was a nobody before Civ5, here's an FYI. According to MobyGames, Jon Shafer is...
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    Should I but Civ 4?

    I agree with Aussie. But be sure to get Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition. It also has Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization.
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    Cities switching sides

    You could set up a custom game and select the option not to allow cities to switch sides.
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    what if they will release Civ V on consoles?

    I wouldn't buy it. I do not own any gaming consoles and I do not plan on purchasing any.
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    Who here remembers MoM's Wraiths?

    I never used the Wraiths exploit or chose Death Magic when I played Master of Magic. MoM is my favorite game of all time. I wish there would be an new release of the game that mainly updates the graphics without changing the basic game by "reimagining" it. Incidentally, if anyone is...
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    Are you sticking with civ4?

    My sentiments exactly, binhthuy. I bought a new PC last week and installed Civilization IV: The Complete Edition on it. It looks like I'll be playing Civ4 for a long time--at least until Civ6 comes out.
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    Civilization 5 Steamworks questions/concerns for inclusion in the FAQ

    Considering the hatred many gamers have for SecuROM, an endorsement by SecuROM for ANYTHING connected with PC gaming ought--at the very least--to arouse some distrust among gamers.
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