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  • Hi there! I just noticed that I got a message from you back in October asking me if I was still around. Well, I wasn't then, but I am now! :D Civ is something I'll probably never completely give up, even if I drop it for a while every now and then...
    Oh my! ;) Great to see you, Gwaja! I thought we'd lost you for good.

    I've been away for some time. Just zero free time and some turbulent stuff going on, so probably wont' be around much at all for the foreseeable future, but I hope to you keep playing. Maybe I can join in one of your little evil experiments soon ;)
    If you want to know because I know many of them:

    AZ: Done. He's nowhere to be found. Haven't checked his channel for months.
    NihilZero: Dead.
    Sisiutil: Answering newbs' questions and attempted recently to renew with his narrative past
    Dhoomstriker: SGOTM, still really active, but only there. I am in the same team as him, but got low on time to deal with SGOTM
    Ghpstage: Around answering technical questions (just like I do)
    Ahcos: Dead
    GGracchus: Dead
    Lymond: Still around everywhere but far less active
    Mylene: Got a breakdown and changed username (ask me privately if you want to know the new one)
    Noogai: Dead
    TMIT: Dead

    Most of the list is dead. Sadly, Civ4 is having a huge exodus.
    Wow... I just realized I haven't come logged in here for nearly 2 years...!! I wonder if all the old timer friends of mine are still around..?
    Sorry guys. :) I've actually been out of the country, on a long term project. I've been busy with work and traveling and making new friends, that I hardly have had any time logging in here. I am back now though. ^^ I didn't take my laptop with me, so I couldn't play Civ while I was away.

    So no, I haven't disappeared just yet. :) I am back. ^^
    Hi Gwaja. Remember "I Feel Lucky Tonight" ? I haven't played Emperor since you posted that game. I AM an Immortal level player now...and I give you the credit for motivating me to move up to Immortal play. My diplo is not so shabby anymore either. :lol: Augustus Caesar is soo much more satifying when playing Immortal. ;) I routinely win Lib ~1000 AD, while not that impressive, is much better than I used to do (on Emperor). Thanks for the inspiration. You rock!!
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