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  • You should look in the general forums more often, that's where the real n00bs are ;) . One is not using Slavery, and creates mostly maps where AI doesn't have a chance from the beginning. He argues that the Mall is a great UB and that all cities need to be defended by Walls and at least two Longbows :lol: . He's actually so n00b, that I took a 3-day-break from posting, as correcting him lead to lots of work for nothing. The interesting thing is, that he has 5k of posts, and is highly active, he also seems to play CIV every day, which makes the question come up, how he actually can be so bad. He's really like "the worst player I've seen since I came here" .
    We have a new king of n00bishness. I'm sure you know his name already ^^ . Had to think of you and our conversation about "players that are too stubborn to give in or change anything" .

    Wonder you haven't jumped in on the recent discussions yet, but you seem to post almost nothing lately anyhow. You didn't even react on my comment in the thread of the last minor :( .
    Frigkas went from "unhappy about his n00biness" to "happy about his n00biness" .

    What a great day :D .
    Does Gwaja calling you Evana mean that lime is a gurl? :eek:

    If so, maybe we can meet in the capital of your current SGOTM :groucho: :joke:
    BAH! I came back shortly after you stopped being active here. I was like... where is EVANA!?!? ^_^

    It's good to see you. RL's been keeping me away from here for too long, but I have returned and I hope to keep playing and be active here. I hope you do the same... and hopefully RL doesn't get too hectic for you. ^_^ The community needs more people like you around here! ^_^
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